Vram Minassian: Interview with the designer behind the world's eponymous label, VRAM jewellery.

Today, I had the privilege of talking with the world's most talked designer Vram Minassian and his eponymous label VRAM JEWELLERY. Vram is very much tied to his own work, to his family, where he’s from and where he’s going, a family history that includes the birth of his first daughter, who inspired the Continuum line, and his own father’s career as a jeweller in Lebanon. For VRAM, jewellery design is a process that connects the wearer to a long tradition of the art form. Find out below from our conversation what's Vram up to :-).



Jewellery Pursuer: Who's Vram and how did you start your eponymous label?

Vram Minassian: I’m Vram. I was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Educated in Paris and Los Angeles. My wife Sevane works alongside me in the studio. We have four kids ages 1-21 and a dog named Scarlett. I love playing tennis. And I’m fortunate to have been a professional artist for over 30 years. While most of my career was as a private label designer and manufacturer, in 2016 I launched VRAM with a three-part mission: to provide me with a personal creative outlet, to empower the wearers, and to expedite a renaissance for the medium at a time of enormous generational, cultural, and technological change. The launch came out of a presentation to Barneys New York where its buyers saw my first VRAM collection that I’d been working on privately for over a year. And the rest is history.

JP: Please talk us through your sculptural approach to your collection.

VM: The best way is to start at the beginning with the Echo. I keep a sketchbook by my bed to jot down ideas. And the Echo was one of those ideas at 3am one night in 2015. From there the ‘Moment 1’ collection blossomed as I elaborated on all of the idea