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Artistar Jewels 2019: The international and contemporary talents jewels project.

Duomo, Milan

The day is spent in the sunshine, in the centre of Milan, Italy. I visited the Artistar Jewels Project 2019 Fall Edition that's dedicated to the world of jewellery. The project by Prodes Italia group, that has been working for years in the high jewellery, design and contemporary art fields. Artistar Jewels is the international reference point for all contemporary jewellery artists and designers.

The event was set in calming, clean rooms of Palazzo Bovara in Corso di Porta Venezia in Milan from 24 to 27 October 2019. The exhibition was open with free admission between 24 to 27 October 2019 during the Milano jewellery week. The event was supported by the patronage of the Municipality of Milan and CNA Federmoda, which constitutes a national and unitary system of general representation of the Italian fashion industry.

Over 500 jewellery designers' work were displayed to every room beautifully. I had the chance to see both emerging and more established artists' works that were displayed to count on improving their brand reputation. I had a chat with the designers whose work was showcased at the Artistar Jewels project and enjoyed to hear their experiences from the event. Artistar Jewels project is not a trade fair, or not comparable to an editorial or e-commerce publication but it offers several complementary strategies, useful for an optimal disclosure of the creativity of each artist.

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