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Pavit Gujral: Discovering MERAKI Designs, a 'Pop Star' Fine Jewellery & Gems brand

Founded in Chandigarh, India, by Pavit Gujral – an innate gemmologist and intuitive jewellery designer - MERAKI Designs aims to continue to set the standard for the ultimate in fine jewellery. MERAKI Designs aims to be the ‘Pop Star’ of the Fine Jewellery & Gems Industry by creating high-end, bespoke, trendsetting pieces of the highest quality. Mother Nature is the key inspiration behind the designs of Indian jeweller Pavit Gujral, and this is beautifully reflected in her recent collections.

“I want to be the ‘POP STAR’ of the fine jewelry industry” - Pavit Gujral

Pavit Gujral

Orange Chakra earrings, inspired from a light design, these Orange Chakra earrings have been curated very intricately in 18K Gold with Diamonds & Orange Sapphires, Pavit Gujral.

Pavit Gujral is a Gemmologist & Jewellery Designer who aims to be a ‘Pop Star’ of the Fine Jewellery Industry. Brought up in Chandigarh, Born in Calcutta, Pavit has had exposure to two very different cultures while growing up. A 2015 Graduate of the renowned Gemological Institute of America, New York; the independent jewellery designer actively seeks to work with the flaws and imperfections found in gems.

White Daisy Collection - Inspired by White Daisies, this collection is an ebullient representation of spring, symbolizing innocence, simplicity & purity. The jewelry has been handcrafted and pavé set in 18K Gold with Tsavorite Garnets, Yellow Sapphires & Pear-Brilliant Diamonds. The chain has an arboreal finish to augment the design, Pavit Gujral.

A contemporary collection of 'Mother Nature' & 'Marine' jewellery features undeniably symbolic fine jewellery designs that are unmistakably MERAKI. All pieces sparkle with rare, expertly set diamonds, to embellish a perfectly sculpted piece rendered in platinum, or 18k yellow, white or rose gold. All of Pavit's pieces open the gates to a world of infinite brilliance and endless sparkling possibilities, with jewels that carry a positive message of a prosperous future in designs meant to shine on any occasion, day or night.

“I don’t follow the trend. I just design what comes to mind. Following a trend will never allow me to have my own style. I want to make trendsetting Jewelry!" - CEO & Head Designer, Pavit Gujral

The purpose of her brand is to educate people about some of the most beautiful & rare gemstones that most are not even aware of! With MERAKI Designs, she wants to break down stereotypes of designs prevalent in India, and bring in a new trend of Jewellery that is unique, bold and makes a statement.

“There is no better designer than nature!” - Pavit Gujral

Inspired by the balance and beauty of one of nature's most magnificent wonders, Pavit Gujral introduces two stunning collections. Both of these collections, inspired by the natural world, present eternal elegance. Both collections feature fancy-coloured stones paired with a combination of diamonds and vibrant gems in complementary shades. With pieces in the 'Nature Collection' inspired by various aspects of nature, ranging from the Mumbai rain to the internal structure of the earth, Pavit Gujral has managed to capture the beauty of life in its many forms.

The Nature Collection, Pavit Gujral.

The Marine collection delves even deeper into the wonders of the oceans. The passion for the collection evolved further with a series of Pavit scuba diving into the waters to catch a closer look at her inspirations. The brightly coloured marine world has been reflected through the rich shades of the jewellery creations. It was important for this collection to capture the spirit and essence of the oceans. For Pavit, this meant creating the most extraordinary jewels, using signature techniques such as the pairing of fancy shaped stones with round brilliants, and the use of intriguing colour combinations.

The Marine Collection, Pavit Gujral.

Pavit Gujral offers us a glimpse into the world of a jewellery designer over on the Meraki Designs Instagram page. Beautifully rendered design sketches sit alongside updates to works-in-progress, and gorgeous professional shots of the finalised pieces. The passion Pavit has for jewellery design is abundantly clear, and the hours of hard work and dedication that go into each piece really pay off in the final product.

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