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Nigora Tabayer: A new jewellery designer debuts her collection.

Nigora Tabayer is a new designer on the scene who launched her luxury jewellery brand at the start of this year, debuting her first collection at Paris Fashion Week.

At the moment, ‘The Eye Collection’ is comprised of a bracelet and pendants of varying sizes, both fully customisable to the initials of the owner. The collection has been produced in collaboration with the world-renown House of Graff, whose gorgeous diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires take centre stage.

The beautiful designs all feature the evil eye motif - a symbol with the meaning of warding off danger, it acts as a talisman of protection for the wearer. It is a symbol with huge cultural significance, not just in Central Asia where Tabayer was raised, but all across the world. This symbolic feature, along with the customisable initial, gives each piece a personal, sentimental feel.

Nigora Tabayer is certainly one to watch out for!

The Eye Collection Bracelet & Pendants from Nigora Tabayer


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