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The Most Beautiful Jewellery to gift this Valentine's Day.

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day, it is the day that we all prepare our loved one to smile. It is, the most certainly the most romantic day of all time where we celebrate love and gift our loved one with flowers or chocolates or if you want to surprise in style, then jewellery piece. Jewellery are a reflection of love, they guaranty to bring an unmeasured of happiness, joy and sparkle into your life. Jewellery, like love, are either valued or desired, but never unwanted, giving you the ultimate choice of gift to treat your special valentine to jewellery this year.

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PESELI Jewels is an exceptional selection for almost any Valentine’s Day situation. If your loved one is long overdue for a really unique Valentine’s Day gift, Peseli Jewellery offers you a stunning brilliant cut diamond pendant, earring or necklace from its collection. Truly sophisticated pieces are available in a selection of carat weights and styles, based on curvaceous forms, with love and passion for colour and romantic vintage designs. The collection features a stunning selection of rings, necklaces and earrings designed and crafted in 14ct, 18ct Yellow Gold, or Rose Gold, White Gold and with the most precious gemstone designs feature refreshing Sea Blue Aquamarine, Raspberry Rhodolite and delicious Chocolate Quartz, bringing a touch of royalty and red carpet glamour to everyone.

PEROLA Jewellery offers jewellery pieces that are widely acclaimed, highlighting feminine beauty in each piece, and the jewels are exclusive which embody a unique style, unique details and great symbolic value. The yellow in the gold hints at the desert, the bold colours of the stones remind us of the souks with its spices and vibrant, colourful fabrics. Perola jewellery is the perfect choice for the stylish and modern woman who look up to the elements of symbolism and memory reflecting thier continuous, unstoppable love. This beautifully dazzling collection is sure to be a winning gift this Valentines Day.

Fine jewellery that handcrafted in Beirut, by LYNSH design, offers jewels that are scarce & thrilling. LYNSH design's fine jewellery pieces will go with your outfits from the day through to the night with never ending play ethos. The natural baroque pearls pared with asymmetrical lines gives the jewelry an added movement and flow to an otherwise rigid modern scheme. The precious diamond set in each and every piece makes it a gift to be cherished and treasured for years to come.

Alice Fournier Joaillerie offers shimmering diamonds and gemstone jewellery that follow your every move! An innovative new jewellery concept allows the stones to vibrate, creating a beautiful everlasting sparkle. Diamonds in Rhythm, Akoy Pearls jewellery is the perfect choice for the stylish and modern woman who wants The Valentine's Day one to remember. The concept of LOVE is incorporated into every breathtaking piece of Alice Fournier Joaillerie jewellery, portraying an essence of beauty and quality, making Alice Fournier Joaillerie truly special.

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