Marianna Marolla: The Founder and The Creative Director of Fasinating Jewels, Peseli Jewels.

Peseli Jewels

Boheme Chic colection, Marianna Marolla.

Born in Corfu, a Greek Island in Greece, Marianna Marolla, founder of Peseli Jewels, a fourth generation jeweller has followed up her grandfather and father's legacy. After gaining her gemology and diamond grading degree, with a Glyptography skill from the school of Glyptic Art in Athens and jewellery design degrees from a private school called Mokume in Athens, Greece, Marianna has launched her line and rebranded the family jewellery heritage to Peseli Jewels.

Marianna has always dreamt of creating her own lines, own brand while she was earning her degrees and working and assisting in the family jewellery shop. Her passion has grown over the time and she has eventually laid the foundation to her brand and called it Peseli jewels. Marianna gets inspired from the colourful and breathtakingly beautiful underwater creatures and fauna for her unique, one-of-a-kind and very astonishing jewels. Intact with her roots and with respect to her family legacy she has created a line based on old Corfiot designs. Marianna jewels are meticulously crafted from 18-karat gold and set with a variety of colourful stones and shimmering diamonds that cascade down and elegantly encase. Today's interview with Marianna Marolla gives insight into how it all started. Here's what she said... :-)

Jewellery designs by Marianna Marolla.