WALLACE CHAN: Unveils “The Wallace Chan Porcelain”.

World-Renowned Jewelry Creator & Innovator, Wallace Chan, Unveiled his latest innovation, "The Wallace Chan Porcelain” in New York, on 27 November 2018.

This New, Groundbreaking Porcelain is Five Times Stronger than Steel. The Wallace Cut is well known for inventing an illusionary multidimensional gemstone carving technique called Chan and being a pioneer in creating one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces with space-aged metal titanium, debuted the porcelain material in the form of 14 new jewellery creations during a private showcase.

Starlight  Ballet|RingSpinel  1pc  12.88ct,  Diamond,  Pink  Sapphire,  Porcelain  and  Titanium

Starlight Ballet Ring Spinel 1pc 12.88ct, Diamond, Pink Sapphire, Porcelain and Titanium

Each creation is a philosophical exploration of the universe, depicting stories of the past and present, and laying out his vision for the future. Chan’s fascination with porcelain began at an early age. At five years old, he broke a porcelain spoon. The vivid memory of that experience never left him, and became his inspiration.

“Our memory is our greatest material,” he said in the remarks delivered at the event.

Shapeshifter Pendant Yellow Diamond 1pc 0.80ct Yellow Diamond, Titanium, The Wallace Chan Porcelain,