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International Jewellery London 2018: Discovering the most exciting jewels.

Londond Olimpia Jewelelry Showcase

International Jewellery London is considered to be the largest jewellery trade showcase in the UK and the hub for the jewellery industry. It is where heritage and cutting-edge combine through innovation, design, beauty, skill and vision. International Jewellery London is the three-day event which offers jewellery brands year-round support, advice and opportunities. The show attracts many, from emerging talents to established brands, as well as gemstone dealers, new technology in gemstones and diamonds, as well as institutes such as the Craft and Design Council, GEM-A and GIA.

#JIL2018 has been held in Olympia, Kensington for 3 days, from 3rd -5th September and it had offered such a broad range of information, curating and creations from all sides of the jewellery industry. This year's event was also about recognising the talents and awarding them, which made the IJL even more so attractive. I have chosen a number of pieces that I have attracted for a variety of reasons. And here they are;

These exciting and intricately designed 18ct gold pieces with coloured #gemstones were all the joy of the Italian Bella vita. Ferrari Firenze Italian jewellery house was the highlight at the IJL. Italy's most extraordinary technique, combining technical excellence and incredible craftsmanship has proved once again the importance of the jewellery innovation. The pieces are 100% designed and handmade in-house, celebrating women around the world whose dreams are larger than life.

Ferrari Firenze 18ct gold pieces with diamonds and gemstones.

The Internationally acclaimed British brand and award winning Birmingham based jewellery designer Fei Liu Fine Jewellery presented his exquisite designs which fuse Eastern heritage and Western design, each piece uniquely inspired with an innovative three-dimensional edge. The Fei Liu Fine Jewellery pronounces of a great elegance, delicate details, and redefines luxury. Goddess of colours and the use of fancy stones creates pieces with no limit of luxuriousness. Fei Liu Fine Jewellery transforms your dreams into beautiful elegant jewels that captured and told your stories. This year Fei Liu has presented 10ct unheated sapphire and diamond ring set on platinum along with his new collection.

Fei Liu, 10ct unheated sapphire and diamond ring set on platinum.


An award winning jewellery brand Pugata as always has presented its much-adored gemstone featured jewellery collection at IJL. Pugata has established in 2015 but it has existed over 20 years in the jewellery industry, it started with a dream, founded by a lover of luxury and developed by a small team of jewellery fanatics it has grown to embody the perfect mix of eclectic design, classic heirlooms and outstanding craftsmanship. The brand is known for their outstanding quality and ethically sourced with a story to tell. Each piece is inspired, they have been designed with someone or something in mind and that is the magic behind Pugata jewellery. .

Pugata, White Gold Ignite Me Bangle, White Gold Elizabeth Collarette with Citrine, Sapphire and Diamonds.

Yun Fang

Yun Fang The Cushion Ring

#IJL2018, Yun Fang the emerging talent, The Cushion Ring.

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