Sheila Westera: Her Unique Wire Bending Signature Technique and Her Passion for creating One-of-a-Ki

When I started my first creations around 2011, I was practising different techniques and styles and I soon realised that I wanted to express myself in a different way, basically finding my real inner style. – Sheila Westera.

Sheila Westera’s unique individually created wire bending technique is a signature to one-of-a-kind pieces she creates. She puts her soul into her jewels, uniquely capturing gemstones in an unconventional manner, setting Sheila Westera apart from her counterparts. Her passion for creating wearable art jewels in gold or silver wire shows how her style is so intricate but raw, bold with lots of personalities. Her edgy and distinct jewels’ appearances make each creation a real statement piece.

Sheila Westera ring

SheilaWestera, Ring 14k gold, semi precious stone jewellery.

Sheila Westera, Arty Scenes - Wearable Art, semi precious stone jewellery.

When Sheila Westera took up the challenge of creating ‘Sheila Westera’ Brand in 2014/15, it was a choice guided by reason, but also by the passion that nurtures the Sheila Westera brand. She studied History of Art and Architecture