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Sheila Westera: Her Unique Wire Bending Signature Technique and Her Passion for creating One-of-a-Ki

When I started my first creations around 2011, I was practising different techniques and styles and I soon realised that I wanted to express myself in a different way, basically finding my real inner style. – Sheila Westera.

Sheila Westera’s unique individually created wire bending technique is a signature to one-of-a-kind pieces she creates. She puts her soul into her jewels, uniquely capturing gemstones in an unconventional manner, setting Sheila Westera apart from her counterparts. Her passion for creating wearable art jewels in gold or silver wire shows how her style is so intricate but raw, bold with lots of personalities. Her edgy and distinct jewels’ appearances make each creation a real statement piece.

Sheila Westera ring

SheilaWestera, Ring 14k gold, semi precious stone jewellery.

Sheila Westera, Arty Scenes - Wearable Art, semi precious stone jewellery.

When Sheila Westera took up the challenge of creating ‘Sheila Westera’ Brand in 2014/15, it was a choice guided by reason, but also by the passion that nurtures the Sheila Westera brand. She studied History of Art and Architecture in Amsterdam and has worked in the diamond and fine jewellery field at the same time. Over the years, her experience in the jewellery field has helped her to soul-search, travel the world, and learn about the importance of the stones in which eventually helped Sheila to realise her passion in art and jewellery making. She has always known that she wanted to express herself, and working with stones became her focus. Although she wasn’t attracted to a traditional goldsmith approach, she admired it. She was very lucky to visit many professional jewellery fairs and to learn about the most amazing international works of art that are out there. She was mesmerised by the work from the best goldsmiths and their creations.

Sheila Westera, Arty Scenes - Wearable Art, semi precious stone jewellery.

She has put her first baby steps by establishing her ‘Sheila Westera’ brand. She has gathered enough attention and confidence to show her style to many of her best friends a few years ago. Her work has kicked off from there onwards and still developing. Although it took her several years to develop her creative world into what it is today. Her client list is slowly growing bigger through her private network and through spreading word of mouth.

Sheila Westera, Arty Scenes - Wearable Art, semi precious stone jewellery.

Any handcraft becomes art when the artist invests his work with soul, emotion and passion. Sheila’s inspiration for creating magical jewels come from many things in her unique creative world. Sheila does not just create beautiful art pieces. She finds it deep within her or from a specific stone. She wants to create organically sculptured, wearable art pieces that reflect her. Each piece finds its way through her soul, created with her hands, sculptured in an organic way, the outcome is glamorous with a rough edge.

“When I make jewellery I want them to be “one of a kind”, it really takes a lot of time to make just one ring, all is quite personal”. - Sheila Westera.

In 2015, Sheila has joined her first solo exhibitions in Amsterdam which boosted her confidence. Last year she participated in her second exhibition in Luzern, Switzerland, where she thought it was about time to take it up to the next level now she was ready for it. Sheila wholeheartedly works hard on her brand and website development and she loves it.

Sheila Westera, Conversation Pieces - semi precious stone jewellery.

Sheila Westera, Conversation Pieces - semi precious stone jewellery.

Sheila gets her inspiration from many things, like travelling, nature, history people, culture, environment, and the world as a whole and the earth that has her close attention. Her first creative work was dedicated to the people that made a real impression on her.

There are three thing that define her work; they are Arty Scenes, which allows Sheila’s creativity and imagination go wild, extravagance, taking the spotlight, sculptured pieces, and wearable art. Individuality is the key concept of her world. Her Conversation Pieces – is all about stones. Any stones that she gets fancied will become one of her statement pieces. Purely wired – light wear jewels, the focus is on earrings, stand out of the crowd day or night by its practicality and uniqueness. Sheila uses either 14 or 18ct gold but the mostly 14cts gold filled material and high-quality sterling silver.

Sheila Westera, Conversation Pieces - semi precious stone jewellery.

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