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DENNIS SONG: Brings Wild and Untamed Passion of Spirit to High-End Jewellery.

Innovative, captivating and mysterious jewellery designed from Ming Song's two great love: contemporary and chromatism. Whether it is the most refined and precious Haute joaillerie, with evident references to contemporary art or an innovative high-end jewellery.

Dennis Song, a designer with extensive working experience in the world's leading jewellery brands, founded his Ming Song Haute Joaillerie, a high-end jewellery brand in Paris in 2017 to offer a new idea of luxury that brings the wild and untamed passion of spirit to sumptuous jewellery. With its seven one-of-a-kind signature pieces, he is crafting his own treasured memories through the jewellery he is creating. The unexpected combination of various designs brought together thanks to his techniques. Dennis Song jewellery design does not matter the structure of the jewellery itself, the inlay of the main stone or the overall colour of the jewellery, it all reveals the wild and untamed passion of a male high-end jewellery designer. The decision to set up his own high-end jewellery brand in Paris is not only undoubtedly challenging, but also demonstrates the designer's confidence in his professional level.

Dennis Song states that the designer should be able to master the skills of sketches, jewellery gouache drawings, 3D modelling and renderings, all of which are done by his own hand. The Paris Hand Workshop is the final place to complete the steps of casting, polishing to shape the most beautiful material: gold, platinum, diamonds and precious stones. The most delicate setting shines through the matter, and the highest quality diamond transfigures the creation. Dennis always believes that the original model of the jewellery piece should be produced by the designer himself, so as to present the most accurate effect of jewellery works without any error.

Dennis Song photograph.

Dennis Song's photo.

Dennis Song studied at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and received an honours master's degree from Switzerland's Richemont Group in 2016.

A Winner of multiple awards; the first prize, The Avakian Awards Jewellery Design Award awarded by Swiss fine jewellery brand Avakian in London in 2003, the first prize winner of the Oliver Ruger & Volker Koch Leather Art Jewellery Design Competition in London and the winner of Theo Fennell the British fine jewellery brand Gem Award in London for designing a high jewellery piece in 2014.

Dennis Song embarked on his journey into collaboration with Swarovski in 2015. A contemporary high-end jewellery was designed for Alexander McQueen at the 'Savage Beauty' exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, where he received a lot of reports and good reputation from the media, and won the Swarovski Cooperation Design Award.

In the same year, his collection ‘The Beauty of Time Flowing’ won the Pearl Design Award from the British Goldsmith Crafts and Design Competition. He also won the Precious Metal Design Award in London from Goldsmiths' Company.

In 2016, Dennis Song joined the Richemont Group and participated in the jewellery and high-end watch design work of its major brands. His high-end jewellery works were highly praised the artistic director of Richemont Group. In June of the same year, he joined the Cartier headquarters design team in Paris and became the youngest designer in the design team.

Mimi Tang, The Former President of Kering Asia Pacific wearing Dennis Song Forbidden Flower ring.

Mimi Tang, The Former President of Kering Asia Pacific wearing Dennis Song Forbidden Flower ring.

In 2017, Dennis Song established the Ming Song Haute Joaillerie in Paris, a high-end jewellery brand with the recognition and support of the Comité Vendôme. In the following year Dennis established another jewellery brand ‘Gong Shang’ in Beijing and directly appointed by Beijing Palace Museum (The Forbidden City) to design jewellery for their online and offline flagship store, became the first jewellery designer The Forbidden City officially collaborate with.

Dennis Song's collaboration work with Beijing Palace Museum (The Forbidden City), Dennis Song's ‘Gong Shang’ brand jewellery.

Dennis Song Jin, pearl earrings.

Dennis Song Jin, pearl earrings.

Dennis Song LaSerpent jewellery gallery.

Dennis Song black and white diamonds earrings.

Dennis Song black diamond collection earrings.

Dennis Song Forbidden Flower ring.

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