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Tessa Packard: London Crafts Week - A Highly Valued Platform, 9-13 May.

Tessa Packard designs exceptional, irreverent, highly imaginative pieces in her dedicated London atelier. Tessa is a unique self-taught jewellery designer. Tessa designs collections that can be effortlessly mixed and sit well together. Her intricacy in creating actual jewels is like her ideal style, like a complex piece of art, a mixture of lots of visual elements that, when taken together, form something truly unique.

Coctail Hour, Tessa Packard.

Coctail Hour, Tessa Packard.

Based in London, born in Brazil and raised in the UK, Tessa Packard is the founder and creative director of Tessa Packard London jewellery label. The British jeweller, Tessa Packard is known for her wearable sculpture-in-miniature, narrative integrity and statement design at its heart. Since its launch in 2013, the label has fast become internationally renowned for creating eclectic bi-annual collections that celebrate both individuality and storytelling using materials old and new.

‘This autumn marks four and a half years since I first launched the brand back in 2013 and we’ve finally reached a point in that journey where we need a stand-alone space and destination to offer our clients’, comments Tessa Packard. ‘As daunting as it can be to take on such a big commitment in terms of investment, it’s important for the brand at this stage to reach the next level in terms of growth and expansion and I’m excited to see what the future holds’ - Tessa Packard.

Tessa has launched her showroom at London's Chelsea last year in 2017. Since then Tessa's by appointment only showroom offers clients a beautifully designed space to not only see Tessa's contemporary fine jewellery collection but to meet the designer one on one to discuss bespoke commissions. As well as Tessa Packard will host a programme of events, exhibitions, panel discussions and workshops.

This year Tessa has chaired a panel discussion at her Chelsea showroom on 9 May, as part of this year's London Crafts Week.

Chelsea showroom, Tessa Parker.

Tessa Parckard's Chelsea showroom.

The discussion was around exploring the theme of jewellery as art and the place of the maker in history. She was joined by renowned experts including jeweller to the stars Andrew Prince, Elisabetta Cipriani, founder of the eponymous ‘Wearable Art’ gallery in Mayfair and the former European Jewellery Director at Christie’s, Raymond Sancroft-Baker. Following the talk, there was an opportunity to speak to the panelists and view the jewellery collections on display. Tessa Packard recognises that the jewellery to be the sculpture in minature and unequvocal art. And she belives that for designers who are driven by narrative integrity like herself London Crafts Week is a highly valued platform. It enables everyone and anyone to embrace the work of some of Britain's most talanted artisans in a dynamic, creative and refreshingly egalitarian manner.

Forest Fawn Earrings, Tessa Packard.

Forest Fawn Earrings, 18ct yellow gold, onyx, rutilated quartz, enamel and porcelain earrings, Tessa Packard.

Calligraphy Ring, 18ct yellow gold, lemon quartz and black sapphire, Tessa Packard.

Explorer Pendant in rhyolite-gold 18ct yellow gold, rhyolite and diamond pendant necklace, Tessa Packard.

Explorer Pendant in rhyolite-gold 18ct yellow gold, rhyolite and diamond pendant necklace, Tessa Packard.

Ruby Copy-Cat Ring in Gold 18ct yellow gold and red enamel cocktail ring, Tessa Packard.

Ruby Copy-Cat Ring in Gold 18ct yellow gold and red enamel cocktail ring, Tessa Packard.

Tessa Packard London label has been internationally recognised for her designing eclectic bi-annual collection, intricacy, individual and storytelling pieces. Her works has been featured in such publications as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, International New York Times, and the Financial Times. In 2015 the label was nominated for Jewellery Designer of the Year Award by the UK Jewellery Awards and named one of the Hot 30 Under 30 faces in the British jewellery industry by Retail Jeweller Magazine. In 2017 Tessa Packard London was awarded the accolade of Brand of Tomorrow by British luxury body Walpole and was subsequently invited onboard as a full-time member. .

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