Wallace Chan: The jewellery is made with a rich heritage of design and excellent techniques.

Wallace Chan is a Hong Kong-based Asian artisan jeweller who is best talked for his changeable creation and who is loved for his best jewels. He is known for creating intricate designs within carved gemstones. He is often cited as being favoured by jewellery fans because of his unique designs. He sculpts with a delicacy of touch that defies boundaries and uses light as the leitmotif for his colourful, sensual jewels. His creations reflect his Zen philosophy and reveal unique craftsmanship invented by his persistence in innovation. They are feather-like jewels carrying messages of the past to become the heritage of the future.

Wallace Chan 'Soaring Spirit' brooch.

Wallace Chan 'Soaring Spirit' brooch with a central feature 17.67ct tsavorite garnet, 3.12ct yellow diamonds, fancy coloured diamond beads, ruby, pink sapphire and titanium.

What does Wallace Chan like to do in his free times? Freedom is kind of creation. My life is composed of creations.

What amazes Wallace Chan the most?

Our perception changes at different stages of life and time; if we make comparison based on our gained experience, when we look ba