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Maria Kotsoni Fine Jewellery: Debut of high jewellery collection, December 2017

Maria Kotsoni, jewellery designer and the creative mind behind Maria Kotsoni Fine Jewellery, has launched her 'Spiked' high jewellery collection: 'Spiked', December 2017. The collection comprises many pieces with the very best examples of using 18ct gold, gemstones and high-quality diamonds.

"The Spiked is encountered in Nature as an accessory to many life forms. Mostly serving as a defense mechanism to protect the delicate and vulnerable; ultimately used as a weapon where the combat for survival is inevitable. By averting potential threats it beholds a protective quality and by winning a mortal combat, shares the power of the fittest. In this collection, the spike acts as an archetypal symbol; the recollection of which awakens the primal instinct that leads us back to the source of our origin, reconnects us with all things living and finally restores us to the original state of consciousness where an eternal battle and a union of opposites, balance out; for the preservation of life itself" says Maria Kotsoni.

'Spiked' Maria Kotsoni

From The 'Spiked' Collection, Hand sculpted, 18K gold Maria Kotsoni

"I perceive Jewelry primarily as an Art form ; one that works visually; in micro scale, but also in a fascinating intimate way, through the sense of touch. This is the magic of Jewelry... Through the sense of touch, a piece sacredly mediates between artist and barer by allowing the passing of a personal quality from the first to the second; strongly connecting them, ultimately bonding them through time. My relationship with jewellery is rooted in my childhood. I was born and raised in the mediterranean island of Cyprus. Pafos, my home town, has a rich cultural background that dates back in the prehistoric era. The Visual Language of Jewelry, traced through history, has always been about making a strong statement; I have always considered it as the sacret pathway to tracing my cultural heritage. My drive to explore, take in and deeply review what I perceived as the legacy from my predecessors, has formed my artistic identity and led to the rendering of my work". - Maria Kotsoni

Born in Paphos, Cyprus the designer Maria Kotsoni, the daughter of the renowned Cypriot artist George Kotsonis and the musician Kleopatra Kotsoni she developed her passion and interest in Art. With the degree in B.A. Hons in 3D Design - Jewellery from Central St. Martins College of Art - Design, London, UK she was commissioned to design and produce a Bishop Mitre in Silver and semi-precious stones by the Bishop of Paphos in 1991, the same year after her graduation, and on her return to Cyprus. Further commissions followed including the mayor's chain and honorary medals in silver for the Paphos municipality.

In 1992, Maria has stepped one step forward by opening her own workshop in Paphos, where she worked mainly as a bespoke jewellery Designer. She also had her first solo exhibitions in Nicosia and Paphos, Cyprus. In 1995 she moved to Athens, Greece, where she worked as a designer for various jewellers until 1997. In May 1998 she designed her own range of Jewellery in 18kt Gold under the title 'Circles'. This collection was launched in Nicosia, Cyprus, May 1999 and was exhibited in Athens and New York.

From 'Circles' collection 1998. Hand sculpted, 18K gold.

The work of Maria started to surprise many, not only her clients but also the industry professionals as well as an international audience. As a result in 1991, she was awarded British Platinum Award 91' Finalist. She also won The Bank of Cyprus Award for the design of a silver £1 coin on F.A.O. 50th Anniversary in (1995).

The Maria Kotsoni pendant 'Twin' pendant was selected to participate at ‘Salon d’Automne Paphos 2017’ which was held in her hometown Paphos Cyprus, as it was recognised European cultural capital 2017.

The 'Twin' Pendant, 'Circles' 1998. 'Salon d'Automne Pafos 2017' participation. Hand sculpted, 18K gold.

Looking through the jewellery from Maria Kotsoni, I couldn't help but feel nostalgic and I felt that I went back in history or a childhood. You cannot describe the feeling but instead you feel amused, a little smiley and tingly. It is rather odd but it is definitely sensational. Maria's work is so intricate and detailed, which embellishes her jewellery more attractive by the addition of details and features.

For the last 20 years, Maria has been perfecting her jewellery collection with many unique 3D printing, hand carve and waxing techniques, she has won several awards and she has been participating in multiple art exhibitions; Group exhibitions 'Harrods', (1991) London. Jewellery exhibitions, 'Apocalypse Gallery', Nicosia, Cyprus (1992), Exhibitions at Paphos - Cyprus (1993), 'Tria Gallery'Athens (1999), 'Cyprus consulate' New York (2000), 'Gloria Gallery' Niicosa Cuprus (2001) and she continues to participate in many other international exhibitions. Her jewellery featured at Dazere 2017 ( jewellery exhibition in London and Artistarjewels 2018 ( exhibition in Milan, Italy.

From The 'Spiked' Collection, Hand sculpted, 18K gold Maria Kotsoni

Maria is a mastermind - whose forte is creating art objects in miniature, she chooses to look for a new jewellery inspirations and sculptures ideas, and you often see in her collection unusual shapes and unique stones, ancient history inspired jewellery and unrepeated one-off pieces. Maria possesses a passion for designing jewellery by using innovative proprietary techniques for decorating gold surfaces to achieve an effect of original texture and detail that exceeds the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship. She creates masterpieces after masterpieces which then find themseles in the hands of selected jewellery aficionados. If you have not heard about Maria Kotsoni yet, now is the time to discover her jewellery world!

The Ring from The 'Spike' Collection, Maria Kotsoni

'Christmas 2017' Presentation, from The 'Spiked' Collection, Hand sculpted, 18K gold Maria Kotsoni

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