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Nasim Kazemi, a young, talented Iranian jewellery designer who is looking up to become a professional jewellery designer and who desires to work for the most famous jewellery houses in the future. Nasim is an artist and a photographer and she is a graduate from the University of Arts in Iran. Nasim currently strengthen her experience within jewellery designing in one of Iran’s jewellery house. She is very young but increadibly talanted and with just 25 years of age she has already gained multiple skills which are very valuable and necessary in today's jewellery world. Her professional use of programs such as Matrix, Rhino used in jewellery design, ZBrush a computer graphics program for modelling, texturing and painting used as a digital sculpting tool to create high resolution figures, and finally Grasshopper a graphics algorithms editor are the examples she masters.

Nasim dedicates her free time to drawing of her jewellery collection, she draws down her imagination into a piece of a paper right at that moment when she feels the urge to create another masterpiece. Her drawing combines function and aesthetics and her elegant choices of colours are splendid. Nasim’s creations are elegantly delicate, classy and with every design she draws are sealed 18ct gold and diamonds, and precious colourful gemstones. It has always been Nasim's aspiration to create contemporary and innovative jewellery pieces that are distinctive, candid and elegant to wear.

Nasim Kazemi

Nasim explains to me that she is also very fond of fashion and she creates handbags and clothes, but her dream for the future is to pursue her career within big jewellery and fashion houses like Italian, American and world recognised brands. She is very passionate about creating her designs and her designs are about what and how she feels at that particular moment she explains. Under the music by Arno Elias - El Corazon (Dim Zach & Deem edit) she is engulfed into much of an inspiration as possible when completing her all-time favourite drawings and creating. Below are plenty of Nasim's hand drawing;

Jelly Fish Inspired Nechlace, Nasim Kasemi

Emeralds and Diamond bracelets

Elegant Yellow Sapphire and Diamonds Collection

Slide through for Nasim Kazemi's additional drawings

Jewellery Pursuer
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