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‘Courtesy Hemmerle’

Hemmerle earrings, diamonds, white gold and blackened silver.

German Fine Jewellery house Hemmerle has returned to Masterpiece, London for the sixth time this year to showcase its newest creations. Hemmerle is a fourth generation family run leading jewellery house that protecting a unique family heritage of superior craftsmanship. Each jewel in Hemmerle gets formed as unique and as innovative work of art. Hememrle has transformed the jewel into a true contemporary work of art while honouring the family heritage and respecting the jewellery tradition and holds in the highest regard age-old craftsmanship.

The tradition was established in the 19th century when brothers Joseph and Anton Hemmerle has taken over a company that specialised in manufacturing medals. The brothers have brought their own style and ideas to the business, renamed the company as Hemmerle. Today, Stefan and Sylveli Hemmerle run the business with their son, Christian, and daughter-in-law, Yasmin and the family legacy of craftsmanship, exceptional quality, innovative material combinations, and bold, unostentatious creations are passed through to the new generation.

Hemmerle’s presence is always felt in Exposition since 1900 it has been gaining a reputation and gathering awards. Today, Hemmerle, participates almost in all antique art exposition, Tefaf, Basel and glamorous art fair like Masterpiece, London. This time around seeing Hemmerle’s creations at the Masterpiece, London exhibition was spectacular and with grandstand and multi-layered screens of the design appeared to float and challenged the rules of gravity.

Masterpiece London, Hemmerle exhibition Stand

Hemmerle has displayed its new creation, including latest pieces alongside notorious international galleries from Europe, North America and Asia. Hemmerle has offered an exceptional panorama of most desired and iconic creations at the Masterpiece, London. One of many creations on display was new aesthetic barrier-breaking design, most fascinating precious gemstones, set in unanticipated materials, such as iron and wood. Totally, a new breakthrough to the world of fine jewellery, its intricate and distinctive design was the new herald for Hemmerle.

‘Courtesy Hemmerle’ Hemmerle Banggle

Hemmerle bangle, sapphires, ebony, white gold and silver

Austrian near-extinct technique of woven, knitted, precious gem beads was also on display. Each bead hand-hewn and carved, hand-drilled and, flawless matched for colour, and hours of intensive work put into making them reflected the pursuit of artisanal excellence. Additionally, an Egyptian-themed collection evoked the richness of ancient Egypt and the dazzling modernity of ancient Egyptian power of the jewel and many more jewellery designs were seen.

‘Courtesy Hemmerle’ Hemmerle Earrings

Hemmerle earrings, garnets, diamonds, white gold and bronze

‘Courtesy Hemmerle’ Hemmerle Earrings

Hemmerle earrings, turquoise, silver, white gold

‘Courtesy Hemmerle’

Hemmerle earrings, sapphires, bronze and white gold

‘Courtesy Hemmerle’ Hemmerle Ring

Hememrle ring, diamond, white gold, bronze and brass.

Hemmerle Earring

Hemmerle earrings, amethyst, gold, aluminium

Today, Hemmerle remains family affair and much of the design is done with the family. Hemmerle has reached its new creative heights over the past years and over 100 years of history has rooted in more traditional fare. The family memebers do what they are best doing and exploring new innovation and new designs, collaboration and spanning the globe.

Hemmerle Maximilianstrasse 14, 80539 Munich, +49 89 24 22 600,

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