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Sea of Joy

I have been a great fan of Wallace Chan for some time and this time around I had the chance to meet up with the master of art at Masterpiece, London. Wallace Chan has returned to Masterpiece, London a second time this year and his stand was exceptionally spectacular with the atmosphere of a museum and a theatrical visual effect.

I had the opportunity for viewing Wallace Chan’s collection of highly original, unique and artistic pieces, which are only available to prestigious collectors from around the world by private appointments only. I was so thrilled to step into Wallace Chan’s world of innovative creating at Masterpiece, London. Wallace Chan creates 20 high jewellery pieces each year only and art fairs like Masterpiece was a rare occasions for large numbers of art lovers like us to experience his creations.

Wallace Chan’s exilirating new creation was breathtaking and they included a transformable brooch The Waves, a transformable necklace Sound of Nature, Music on My Mind, and Sea of Joy and other distinctive, colourful limitless creativity were displayed at Masterpiece, London. The sculpture, A dream of Generation, was one of the large-scale sculpture with a philosophical depth and spiritual connection was on display.

His skills are remarkable, with 40 years of experience within jewellery craftsmenship and getting involved in all processes of jewellery making, including cutting, polishing, carving, and setting makes it more special. His constant pursue of new innovation and new technologies in creating a jewellery and showcasing a work of art that’s what makes Wallace Chan’s world unimaginably rich and joyful. For instance his extensive research on innovation led him to master titanium for structural support in jewellery after 8 years. He can express the dream, emotions, concepts and styles of the artist in his artistic coherence of his creation thoughout the entire process of creation.

Music on My Mind

His work and creative mind is unique and he is the only Asian jewellery designer to stand out with his unconventional creation to mark this uniqueness in the world of hauture joaillerie.

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Jewellery Pursuer
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