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White November - Handmade, fine jewellery accessories by Bianca White.

Soleil Choker

"My love of jewellery began when I was studying in Melbourne in 2006, choosing it as an elective and never looking back. An amalgamation of my cultural and family heritage, White November is a name that holds so much personal sentiment. My name is Bianca, the feminine word for White in Italian, and November, a special month I share with my sister – both born on the same day, 6 years apart" - Bianca

Bianca, with one word a very passionate person about her work of jewellery making, handmade art that she has mastered since 2006. It began in her student years in Melbourne, Australia and it grew steadily. She sees her work as a small wearable art pieces, mini sculptures and she tries to explore the way jewellery can play a role in person's life as she explains it should be a personal and expressive. Bianca combines the industrial process with traditional handcraft techniques in crafting a jewellery.


Bianca gets her inspiration from her travel and her trip to Rome was the reason for her first collection – Celestial Spheres came to lights. She was fascinated by the interior architecture as well as the floor plans of the Pantheon building of Rome, Italy.

“With a fascination of the interior architecture and floor plans of the Pantheon building turning into sketches and then layers of metals overlapping and intertwining to mimic the silhouettes of stars, planets and solar systems; a celestial twist that I never initially intended” – Bianca.

She is a contemporary jewellery designer who searches for inspiration to find a connection in her pieces and inspired by architecture, fashion and history as each of her pieces hold the charm of a different era, moment or even universe.

White November Jewellery is an Australian brand and made in her studio in Southbank using hadmade techniques and using stainless steel, gold plated and recycled silver.

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