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Alberto Prandoni - Italian Design creating a new forms of beauty to satisfy the new desires of the m

What's the one thing that could inspire the designer?

Alberto Prandoni the founder of Italian Design brand showcases that inspiration as a shared passion and love for the beauty of women and the nature. Alberto Prandoni has established the Italian Design brand to bring all Italian jewellery designers together and to create an essence of Italian made products to be recognised internationally. The concept of establishing the brand came around 2011 in a small town of Italy. The business was founded by an enterperourial family who has been in the jewellery business for many years with no thought of international existence, today the brand is growing and mixing with the word scene.

The Italian Design team’s core is the spiritual connection with their creation for their love of jewellery making. Italain Design team desires to bring the excellence of Italian creativity as well as the pursuet for unique jewels and share the skilled jewellery manaufcturing worldwide.

Sea Anemone ring, from the Naturalia collection, by Italian Design.

Sea Anemone ring, from the Naturalia collection, by Italian Design.

The theme of Italian design team is to get an inspiration from the love of modern society's modern women by creating new forms of beauty to satisfy the new desires, new meaning of love and passion. The main idea behind creating new collections for women are telling stories through multi-faceted jewellery, through nature and women are not just displaying the precious stones but allowing to discover that alluring attraction that communicates the preciousness of that jewellery and diamonds. The exclusiveness of the Italian design is its one of a kind or part of a limited edition or interesting piece for a woman that allows them to be represented by their individuality, playful nature and indescribable invaluable character.

Sea Anemone, from the Naturalia collection, by Italian Design

Italian Design team is featuring many aspects of nature world, sea world and representing sea animals, timeless plant kingdom in their nature creation. They are challenged by the colour and the varieties of the true nature through the use of different forms of jewellery and stones, like the use of different gems, jewels and other means of precious stones on their work of creating invaluable innovation.

Ring from Sirena collection, by Italian Design

Ring from Sirena colection by Italian Design.

Ring from Cooralia collection, by Italian design

Earing from Coralia collection, by Italian Design.
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