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Unveiling the Diorama & Diorigami Collection: A Journey Through Time and Nature

Victoire de Castellane has been drawing inspiration from Dior’s iconic codes since 1999 to create stunning jewellery pieces that embody the essence of the brand. This year, the Artistic Director continues this rich tradition with a new collection: Diorama & Diorigami. The collection represents a delicate balance between the past and the present, combining elegance with opulence in an exceptional showcase of skill and creativity.

Diorama: An Ode to French Elegance

The first chapter of this prodigious odyssey, Diorama, reinterprets the emblematic toile de Jouy. This dreamy motif, an expression of French art de vivre and a symbol of the 18th century, was a significant factor in Christian Dior’s success. When Dior’s original boutique, Colifichets, was opened, its walls, counters, and canopy were adorned with this exceptional ornamental fabric, setting the stage for his legendary career.

In the Diorama collection, this historic fabric is transformed into a series of incredible frescoes, magnified by a combination of hues and volumes. These new models invite admirers on a gentle stroll through the garden of Milly-la-Forêt, each piece unveiling a mesmerizing decor punctuated by poetic flora and fauna. Imagine a golden rabbit leaping into a bush paved with scintillating diamonds, two owls fluttering amid branches adorned with flamboyant rubies, and majestic swans appearing at the heart of a pond bordered by sparkling blue sapphires. The scene is further enriched by a fox, a squirrel, and a deer, all distinguished by the intensity of chrysoprase.

Completing this marvellous theatre, yellow and rose gold foliage mingles with luxuriant shrubbery and flowerbeds studded with jewels resembling delicate petals. As the final surprise heralding the second story, Diorigami, the collection features a necklace, a ring, and elegant earrings that portray flourishing greenery, enhancing this sumptuous selection.

Mastery in Craftsmanship

The Diorama pieces are a testament to exceptional savoir-faire, embodying the virtuosity of Dior’s Ateliers. Crafted using the ancestral technique of glyptics, each piece involves meticulous engraving or sculpting of precious stones. Through a succession of precise gestures, artisans carve and affix the elements one by one, bringing to life a multitude of captivating landscapes that form a veritable Eden. Dior Joaillerie’s signature lacquer further enhances these enchanting tableaus, revealing vibrant shades like the deep green of emeralds harmonized with the softer verdant tones of tsavorite garnets.

A Plural Ode to Nature

The Diorama & Diorigami collection is a plural ode to the magic of meticulous craftsmanship and the splendours of the plant world, so cherished by Dior. This collection not only pays tribute to the past but also celebrates the beauty of nature, inviting admirers to experience a luxurious journey through time and artistry. With every piece, Victoire de Castellane continues to uphold Dior’s legacy, creating jewellery that is timeless yet contemporary, an everlasting symbol of elegance and refinement.


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