The Most Catchy jewellery this Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day - That great, heart-melting or unconventional day of the year for those in a relationship or friendship. It is the annual celebration for the couples across the globe typically recognise the annual celebration by exchanging gifts, flowers and cards or choose a gesture of love or friendship to last well past Valentine’s Day with jewels from around the world.

The idea of picking a gift can be daunting, let it be securing a best date for two in a restaurant, or choosing your Valentine's day outfit. Or let's say you have got your heart set out for those romantic jewels, whether it is a necklace, earrings or that a big striking ring that you can wear with your outfit or something else, I have curated a thrilling and the most catchy jewellery pieces for you.

Alexandre Reza's Ruby necklace features a heart-shaped Burmese ruby weighing 10,73cts tapered with 47,72 cts of diamonds.

With a splash of colours, heart-shaped Rose De France amethyst earrings by Australian jeweller Margot McKinney.