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Rafka Jewellery: Heirloom jewellery worth investing in

Simply the best! Rafka Koblence’s selection of covetable collections that have been snapped up by women who love the craftsmanship, and designs resulting in a notably unique and instantly identifiable jewellery pieces. Adding a touch of character to any look, his collections are modern and luxurious, but above all, perfect wearable heirlooms to be passed down for generations and guaranteed to make any friend or loved one feel special!

When designing his eponymous signature piece, Rafka Koblence, the former Olympic wrestler, who found his true calling in the world of High Jewellery considered the modern customer's needs for luxury #hautejoailleriejewellery pieces. The result? They are high-quality, exclusive and one-of-a-kind masterpieces that offer more bounce for the ounce.

Dream Cather Ring and Earrings in Rose Gold by Rafka

Rafka's journey to become a jeweller started at a very young age when he came across a book from Carl Fabergé, the world-renowned Russian Haute jewellery designer. In 1970 Rafka, first moved to Boston and then later in New York City, with one goal in mind and armed with a strong desire to create the most irresistible Haute joaillerie pieces for selective clientele. This lifelong dream happened and Rafka debuted his design in the opening of Rafka & Co, in 1996. Today, a master jeweller remains passionate about his craft and practises creating exquisite, unique #heirloom jewellery pieces from his 47th Street New York City workshop.

Signature Emerald and Diamond earrings by Rafka

Rafael Koblence was a former Olympic wrestler in the National Team of Israel. In 1972 he relocated to the United States after deciding not to join the team at the Munich Olympics. It was there he heard about the massacre, the terror attack that claimed the lives of several members of Israel's Olympic wrestling team, including Koblence's former teammates and his beloved coach in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. He was devastated, remembering it still haunts him to this day.

Four decades later, #RafkaKoblance is still driven by his singular passion for creating such complex yet timeless jewels. He endeavours to offer old-world craftsmanship with unparalleled quality and pure aesthetic pleasure. Forever inspired by the timeless work and immense talent of Peter Carl Fabergé, Rafka challenges himself to design and create more complex and detailed pieces using higher quality materials. Attention to detail is the standard the master cherishes in his fine hands-on bygone eras craftsmanship by combining the old know-how and new cutting-edge technologies he creates the perfect jewellery line or collection that he envisioned. Using old ways in combination with the new technique, Rafka Koblance creates heirloom pieces that are suffused with timeless mystique and intrinsic value.

Bespoke, Haute Joaillerie pieces by Rafka

What I noticed with Rafka's jewellery is that he goes the extra mile to bring the most complex, and detailed designs from his imagination to life. Each individual jewellery piece or component of that piece from the collection gets extra detailed attention and hours of craftsmanship and labour by the designer. He's very result-driven with unlimited imagination and each piece is unique, and visually breathtaking, which can be worn in myriad of styles and leave you astounded and breathless. Each #jewellerycollection is made for clients who appreciate the finest Haute joaillerie, as well as understand what makes the finest, one-of-a-kind jewellery irresistible and in demand. His jewellery pieces look just lovely from the back as they do from the front. The most admiringly, Rafka's jewellery is not made for mass-production and is hard to get recreated. Each piece is a masterpiece, most desired and to be valued.

The jewel lovely from the back as they do from the front.


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