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Misk Jewellery-Arab Heritage takes on a Modern Edgy Look

“Misk” is an Arabic word for musk or any other valuable perfume. And just like its name, Misk Fine Jewellery is a luxurious bouquet of gorgeous gems, 18k gold and superb craftsmanship, an oasis of beauty that finds its roots in traditional Arab heritage but which is styled for the woman of today.

Al Noor Heritage Ring with Turquoise and Diamonds ; Al Noor Heritage Ring with Coral and Diamonds

For Maher Khansaheb, founder of Misk Fine Jewellery, his Emirati heritage and his grandfather’s vast collection of fine art and sculpture, were the two guiding beacons leading him into the world of jewellery design. As Maher once noted “My fascination with the region’s culture began at a very young age. I would admire my grandfather’s showcase at his majlis whenever I would visit; the passion behind his extensive collection formed the foundation of my creativity, pushing me to design jewels that encompass Arabic heritage and a modern edge.” Handcrafted by skilled jewellery artisans at Misk’s workshops, all Misk Fine Jewellery pieces are squarely situated in the Middle East but created for a contemporary jewellery connoisseur.

Blossom Earrings with Green Enamel and Diamonds, Al Noor Blossom Collection

Founded in 2020, Misk Fine Jewellery's introductory jewellery collection, Al Noor, has five separate sub-collections. Each of these pays homage to Maher’s family legacy and to the rich cultural history of the UAE through a jewelled interpretation of Arabic architecture and traditional Arabic decorative arts as well as mosaics. Each collection has been crafted around its own distinctive central design motif. However, it is the brilliant use of coloured gems and crisp enameling, that allows each piece within each collection to stand out.

Al Noor Heritage Earrings with Agate and Diamonds ; Al Noor Heritage Necklace with Malachite and Diamonds

The Al Noor Heritage Collection is particularly lovely. Fashioned around a half-moon motif embellished with an intertwined pattern of diamond-set gold and finished with a fringe, the pieces have clearly been inspired by traditional Emirati jewellery but have a very sleek and modern look to them.

Al Noor Lace Bangle with Diamonds ; Al Noor Lace Hoop Bangle with Pearls and Diamonds

Similarly, the Al-Noor Harmony collection is a study in balance and perspective. Spheres and cylinders complete one another, in a breathtaking balance of gems and precious metal. However, what’s particularly striking in these pieces are the details. This is especially true for the crisscross pattern of gold, sometimes set with pavé diamonds or resplendent on its own and the open-work design at either end of the cylinder where the coloured gems are set. It is these small but very intricate details that set Misk Fine Jewellery apart!

Al Noor Turquoise and Diamonds Harmony Ring ; Al Noor Harmony Bracelet with Malachite and Diamonds

Another equally enchanting collection is the Al Noor Lace Collection. Delicate openwork design and very beautifully set gems, this collection is elegant and has a timeless feel to it. It is difficult not to be moved by the delicate gorgeousness of this collection, especially as far as the bangles and cuffs are concerned. Worn on their own or together with other hand ornaments from the Al Noor Collection, these pieces are simply stunning.

Misk Fine Jewellery is a bold and stylish reimagining of Emirati decorative and traditional motifs in the form fabulously designed and handcrafted jewellery. A fusion of modern design aesthetic and traditional themes, Misk Fine Jewellery, through its extraordinary jewels, is making an enduring statement!

Featured Image: Al Noor Blossom Necklace with Diamonds


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