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Milan Jewellery Week: The city of MIlan set the stage for the grand international jewellery festival

The third edition of the Milano Jewellery Week has ended and I felt overjoyed to be part of the show which was attended by both national and international attendance. This year my attendance has gone pretty smoothly not considering I felt unwell just amid the Milan Jewellery Show. Nevertheless, I was delighted to witness the show, and award nights, as well as speak to visitors from all around the world. Milan Jewellery show brought so many jewellery enthusiasts closer together to the jewellery sector and allowed everyone to discover what lies behind pieces of jewellery.

With over 350 exhibitors from 40 different countries welcomed to prestigious locations in the heart of Milan this year I saw the city host the three iconic collective events of the Week, along with special events, themed exhibitions, workshops, live performances, talks, conferences, and cocktail parties. I have visited the Milan Jewellery show from 18-21 October. On the first night of 18 October, I joined Milan Jewellery Week Awarding Night at the Teatro San Babila, where the names of the MJW Awards recipients were announced. During the hours-long award night, I saw many prestigious awards, selected by a jury of experts, given to participating exhibitors of the Week.

The next day on 19 October I headed to The Jewelry HUB, where an exclusive and innovative event was held at La Pelota. There were many international jewellery designers and niche brands that exhibited and presented their new collections. Milan Jewellery Week has brought many designers from all over the world and brought so many jewellery pieces, I have spoken to them and discovered their jewellery collections.

Finally, on the same day, I joined the Vernissage of Artistar Jewels at Palazzo Bovara. Artists, journalists, and various guests were warmly welcomed into the evocative halls of the building for an entire evening dedicated to admiring the wonderful jewels on display while savouring a glass of Spumante Brut Borgofulvia. I have also witnessed guests queuing up for Artistar Jewel's new book signing with the designer's jewellery. I believe it must have been rewarding for many to see their jewellery in the book. I got to see many beautiful and signature jewellery from all over the world.

Artistart Jewels in its ninth edition, has displayed over 220 artists's work from around the world and included a special area dedicated to the masterpieces of three indisputable guests: Alessio Boschi, Alex Wong, and Wallis Hong. I talked to both Alessio Boschi and Wallis Hong at the Artista Jewels and have taken a photo or two together. Wallis Hong was rather amused seeing me at the event but it was a sweet surprise for united friends.


 On another note, I'd love to be back again for the next edition of Milan Jewellery. The Milan Jewellery Exhibition is getting bigger and it has more to offer to the designers whose works need attention and recognition. Thank you to the team who welcomed me and made me feel at home.


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