Looking Forward to a Year of Strength and Hopefulness

Pantone's Colours of 2021

Enduring and uplifting is how Pantone has described its choice of colours for 2021. To be honest, as unlikely a marriage of colours as one could have imagined, Illuminating (13-0647) and Ultimate Grey (17-5104) do symbolize strength and hopefulness, two qualities we are striving towards this year after the train wreck of a year that was 2020.

I have often wondered about the impact of Pantone's Colour(s) of the Year on jewellery trends. It's easy to see these colours as trend forecasters in the fashion industry. Already the two colours appeared in the spring/summer collections of Gucci, Givenchy and Prada among other Couture Houses. However, the jewellery is a totally different animal and how the Illuminating and Ultimate Grey will affect jewellery trends is something interesting to look into.


Therefore, instead of making my own assumptions, I decided to ask a panel of experts from the jewellery industry to weigh in on this issue.

Jennifer Heebner

Jennifer Heebner is an award winning journalist and is the Editorial Director at JenniferHeebner.com, an online magazine where her goal is to introduce jewelry lovers to little-known and talented makers and sellers. Jennifer has written about fine jewellery for more than twenty-three years and has also served as president of the Women's Jewelry Association. Jennifer works in New York City and travels to major jewellery shows all over the world and is an expert on interpreting how jewellery and clothes work together. Jennifer's looked at past trends to predict the impact of the two colours on jewellery trends for 2021. Here's what she felt about this question:

"I think Ultimate Gray and Illuminating yellow speak to ongoing trends in jewelry. Gray spinel has been incredibly popular for the past two years, with myriad gem dealers telling me it remains a top seller, especially in the bridal arena. And that yellow is borderline neon, which is definitely having a moment in jewelry in the form of enamel. (Neon hues are also evi