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Jewellery Spotlight: Louiza Leclercq and her eclectic jewellery Collection

Portrait of Louiza Leclercq

Meet Louiza Leclercq, a creative director and the founder of Louiza Jewellery! Currently residing in Paris, Louiza Leclercq was born in Krasnodar, Russia, and is of Armenian heritage. She’s lived and worked all over the world, including Russia, New York, Paris, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. While living in Hong Kong Louiza has met a jeweller selling Columbian emeralds, needless to say, it was through this connection Louiza has started her journey. A journey where her fascination with gemstones grew, and where she has developed an understanding of the intriguing science behind gemstones. With the gemological degree from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, or Gem-A, London, Louiza felt following her dreams already seemed feasible.

With her background in finance and her experience at Gem-A, Louiza spent years developing her business, which allowed Louiza to gain invaluable experience and consequently, she gained the confidence to create the jewellery that reflected her vision. Behind this vision, it was a brand that could reach a broad spectrum of women, with pieces that would be cherished for generations.

Louiza Jewellery inspired by a broad and eclectic mix of influences, from fine art and ballet to architecture and geometry, Louiza Leclercq has sought to encapsulate the sculptural modernity which fascinates her aesthetic as refined, elegant and clean in her eponymous jewellery line. With a passion for "beautifully crafted design in all its forms", Louiza’s collections are influenced by architectural elements, everyday objects, her love for art, dance and bold colourful multicultural patterns. All pieces are designed in close collaboration with her team in France and made with reputable, family-run factories in Italy.

Infinity collection, 18k blackened gold with bright white diamonds, The Infinity collection draws upon three venerable symbols: Torus – the revolving circle, Fibonacci Sequence – the golden ratio, and Ouroborus – an infinite creature.

Among the standout collections are Monumenta, which was inspired by Richard Serra’s awe-inspiring works and the iconic sculptural curves of celebrated architects Zaha Hadid and Santiago Calatrava, Monumenta mirrors the minimalism and lightness within these bold, unconventional forms to create contemporary jewels that involve very strong spirit, which are rich and feminine yet delicate pieces of wearable art that become one with the body. Each immaculately detailed piece that conveys formal complexity and precision with the highest standards of craftsmanship!

Monumenta collection, crafted in Titanium with handset gemtones, sapphires, white diamonds and tanzanite, Louiza Jewellery.

I feel that Louiza succeeded in making something that’s appealing to the younger generation of women. Louiza is the perfect example of modern luxury and redefines fine jewellery. Her collection plays with the power of negative space, balance and bold simplicity of art that can be worn and appreciated for generations.


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