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Intini Jewels - Step into the Enchanted World of Fine Jewellery and Exquisite Italian Craftsmanship

Intini Jewels has been creating fine jewellery for discerning jewellery lovers since 1976. Each piece produced at their atelier is handcrafted by Italian jewellery artisans, with unrivalled skill and proficiency. The brand’s repertoire in jewellery design is phenomenal. From carved coral roses, to lapis lazuli flowers all the way to white gold rings in unique, geometric designs, pavé set with brilliant white diamonds, there is something there for everyone.

However, it was their latest jewelled offering that caught my eye in a spectacular way! Imagine for a moment that you have stepped into a magical forest where the fauna is jewelled creatures of infinite beauty. That was the feeling I got when I saw first Intini Jewels’ fine jewellery collection, which pays homage to Nature and the small but graceful creatures of the animal kingdom. This collection showcases unbelievable creativity which goes hand in hand with gorgeous gems and unsurpassed Italian jewellery workmanship.

The collection is made up of several jewels, a whole world of glorious beasts waiting to be discovered. With rings and brooches presented as animals, this collection seems to be rich in myth and fantasy. One piece that really stood out to me was a ring featuring a sublime green jade. But that’s not all. A tiny, jewelled frog as well as a salamander frolic at the edges of the dappled and carved jade pond. The details of the minute creatures are breathtaking. Paved with coloured gemstones, the frog and salamander are lively and cheeky, such that you almost imagine them hopping and skittering as they play hide and seek. This ring is jewellery art, not just for its very concept but for the sheer skill that is apparent in the way it has been crafted.

A tiny, jewelled frog as well as a salamander frolic at the edges of the dappled and carved jade pond. The details of the miniature creatures are breathtaking.

Another equally lovely piece is a diamond Butterfly brooch. This piece is a marvel of Italian design, artistry and creation. The butterfly wings are breathtaking-like a carpet of brilliant-cut pavé-set diamonds. I found it difficult to see the white gold from the gem, so densely and finely the diamonds have been set. The only allowance for colour in this piece is four deeply hued rubies, bezel-set in the centre of each wing. This brooch is a gemmy tribute to the ephemeral loveliness of butterflies.

Apart from this fauna inspired collection, Intini Jewels’ Haute joaillerie pieces are just as striking. The Victorian Diamond Set is a white diamond and white gold parure. Comprising of a necklace, a bracelet, a ring and a pair of earrings, this set undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression. Here geometric design has been coupled with the use of a monochromatic colour palette. White on white, there is only sparkle and shimmer. What I find wonderful about this set is its sheer versatility. Pair the bracelet and the ring, you can have a dressy daytime look, but with the necklace and the earrings, the elegance of a formal event can easily be visualized.

The Victorian Diamond Set, Intini Jewels

A fine jewellery brand, based in Milan, Intini Jewels delivers on one of a kind pieces which bear all the hallmarks of fine Italian craftsmanship. From whimsical pieces to high jewellery sets, Intini Jewels promises an unforgettable jewelled experience.

Intini Jewels’ haute joaillerie pieces


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