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Hoehl's Wellness Jewellery: the power of the Earth

Sophie Hoehlinger was introduced to me by Frédéric Mane, the famous jewellery designer of Place Vendôme. Our meeting was in a magnificent hotel not far from the famous square: Le Meurice, renowned not only for its luxury and étoilé restaurants, but also because it used to be in the past the hotel of artists and thinkers. We can also say that the hotel itself is a real piece of art: its ancient opulence is so well harmonized with Philippe Starck chic and Salvador Dalì’s surrealism.

In this evocative and suggestive scenery, I met Sophie. She created her own Maison Hoehl’s after a career in the healthcare industry. This new adventure in the jewellery world is a real fusion between her engagement for the health and the passion for high jewellery and more particularly for precious stones. She chose this name for her Maison for two reasons: firstly, because it comes from her surname, but above-all because this term in German means “cave”, a place where you can find stones, discover treasures and awaken energies.

Sophie cultivated a passion for the stones since her childhood, and this love never left her. However, it was a big challenge for her to reconvert into the field of jewellery, learning new things and change her environment completely. But this was also an injection of energy and positive vibes like her wellness jewels. When she met Frédéric Mané, she already had a clear idea: create therapeutic and stylistically refined jewels. All the “Genesis” collection has been designed by Frédéric Mané in close collaboration with Sophie and the famous sculptor artist on precious materials Jothi Seroj.

As Sophie told me: “Frédéric and Jothi were the key pieces in transforming my concept jingle in a concert”. All the stones that Sophie employs for her jewels are raw stones fruit of great research.  Each jewel is unique and has its own story. The star of all her pieces is the stone, enhanced by the design and the setting. Each item of this fascinating collection corresponds to a chakra and has a protective function. There is a perfect coherence between the thaumaturgical properties of a jewel and the way it is set. The energies provided by minerals have a great influence on our body, and each stone has a particular vibratory wave that can penetrate our energy thresholds. Ancestral medicine such as Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, lithotherapy uses stones and gems to heal human bodies and souls.

Therefore, I present here the collection…

Energy: an imperial Topaz set in Yellow Gold and Diamonds

Appeasement: a raw Colombian Emerald set with White Gold and Diamonds

Harmony: Aquamarine from Nigeria, Diamonds, White gold and Diamonds

Protection: Rutile from Madagascar, White Gold and Diamonds

Creativity: a wonderful Opal from Australia, White Gold and Diamonds

Creativity: with wonderful Tanzanite, White Gold and Diamonds

I really appreciated this collection: like magic batteries, these jewels are capable of recharging our spirit and body and strengthen our optimism in these troubled and transitory times.

Edit by Laura Astrologo Porché


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