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High Jewellery 2021: Chaumet launches its new high jewellery Architecture Inspired collection

Chaumet pays tribute to the origins of the Maison with the Torsade de Chaumet collection, one year after the renovation of The hôtel particulier at 12 Vendôme, the new Torsade de Chaumet High Jewellery collection celebrates this historic address. Torsade de Chaumet is inspired by the movement of the frieze that wraps around the Vendôme column in Paris, the square where Chaumet the first jeweller opened its boutique in 1812. The word “torsade” in French – translates into precise twist, in a glorifying movement and life.

Torsade of Chaumet pieces offers the wearer both light and bold, contemporary and timeless, traditional yet classic look. The jewellery pieces showcase the feat of fixing the liveliness of movement through gold and diamonds, dangling precious gems, from the classic brilliant-cut to the rose-cut, each creation's radiance light and line enhances the multiple sized of diamonds, duos of diamonds and sapphires, rubies and emeralds punctuate torsade of light with precious touches of colour.

Torsade (twist in French) de Chaumet is a dynamic collection amplified with contrast and tension: jewels are fluid yet bold, traditional but avant-garde, structured yet whimsical. An ode to movement as well as the push-and-pull of love, the pieces, says Chaumet’s CEO Jean-Marc Mansvelt “capture a perfect moment within the energetic movement, where they were something two seconds before and they will be something else two seconds later”.

Accentuating the jewels, the stones have been individually selected with the extraordinary aura in mind, honouring the Chaumet blue or a passionate red, these creations convey Maison's emblematic art of colour with grandeur, highlighting the centre stones by the movement of the twist. Each piece illuminates the art of the line which has always recognised Chaumet’s naturalistic creations, dynamically reinterpret the torsade motif that is found on many of Maison's historical creations. More spontaneous than ever, pieces that are both timeless and undeniably contemporary, and which combine creativity and bicentenary excellence to give rise to lightweight masterpieces.


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