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Haute Couture 2023: Gucci unveils Allegoria, The grand tour or High Jewellery Collection

Alongside many other brands introducing an opulent array of bejewelled accessories, Gucci has also launched its high jewellery for Summer 2023 in Florance Italy. Since Florance is the global headquarters of the brand as well as the city where the brand was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, Gucci likes Florance to call home and chose to introduce its Allegoria high jewellery collection that features oversize and spectacular carats of stones featuring opals, tourmalines and diamonds.

As usual, what Gucci does is marvellous. This time the new High jewellery collection captures four seasons' luxurious metamorphosis and ephemeral beauty through the ever-changing seasons. Each season inspires unique designs defined by fresh hues reminiscent of the multifarious blooms found in Gucci's emblematic Flora motif. Gucci's Spring's song draws inspiration from Spring's awakening as vibrant tourmalines are featured across a selection of necklaces. Or moving into Summer's full bloom bearing the intensity of Summer, necklaces and earrings feature precious stones from emeralds and Paraiba to tourmalines to red spinels. How about Autumn's tranquillity features bracelets and necklaces with yellow sapphires, pink tourmalines and mandarin garnets that reflect the warm tones of Autumn? The winter collection of Gucci rejoices us with the seasons and is complete with a Winter's vision of opal and European-cut antique diamond necklaces.

In the Spring chapter of the collection, one stellar necklace features 161-carat cushion-cut pink tourmaline, encircled with white diamonds and colourful enamel and set on a chain with 71 fancy tourmalines, creating a spectacular rainbow-like effect. Furthermore, a 226-carat leaf-green tourmaline from Brazil is nestled on the end of an openwork gold chain dotted with glistering baguette diamonds and star motifs, one of the house's iconic emblems. Other symbols you can notice are fanciful flowers from Gucci's first-ever silk scarves created for Princess Caroline of Monaco in the 1960s.

The Summer chapter of the collections has totally taken me by surprise, as a golden mandarin garnet forms the centre of an elegant diamond blossom, especially the chain of the necklace set amongst carved emeralds and drops for luscious colours that differ from one another. Indeed, plenty of richly-hued gemstones help invoke the height of the season’s heat – white gold earrings blaze with neon Paraiba tourmaline drops, rosy spinels shine out from a necklace in yellow chrysoberyls and deep blue Tanzanites bring oceanic drama to a white gold openwork necklace.

Muted tones of russet, apricot and saffron and stones of a much gentler persuasion demonstrate the Autumn chapter of the collection and cooler hues dominate the section inspired by Winter.

Author: Shohista Turdiyeva


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