Gemstones: Discover the beauty of Rubies or Pigeon Blood Rubies

Jacob & Co Infinia Ruby collection

Rubies: Have been mentioned in Bible, worn by royalty through human history and believed to protect ancient warriors in battle, the history of rubies is a story rich in grandeur and mystery. They have been thought to act as a talisman for peace and a promise of wisdom and health for the holder. Rubies are connected with love, passion and power, yet its very existence is still considered to be a geological miracle.

The existence of rubies or how they are formed is yet to be explained by experts and professors around the world. It is believed the rubies to be a type of corundum, which is itself colourless when pure, and turns ruby red when chromium is introduced. There is no definitive explanation as to what condition rubies are created. The rubies considered to be one of the most precious gemstones exist to date, commanding the greatest price per carat of any other gem. Even ancient civilisations recognised their value; the Sanskrit word for ruby, “Ratnaraj”, translates to “King of Precious Stones”. Today, the world's most famous rubies in history can be found in the collection of world-class museums like the Louvre and Smithsonian. The Louvre houses the Anne of Brittany Ruby and, Smithsonian homes to 23.1 carat Carmen Lucia Ruby.