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Faberge to launch Chinese Zodiac Capsule Collection ahead of Lunar New Year.

The jeweller Faberge, renowned for its egg-inspired jewellery continues to surprise with an array of other collections including Colours of Love, Essence, Heritage Chinese Zodiac Capsule Collection. A captivating locket featuring the 'King of beasts' - the tiger - from the Heritage Chinese zodiac animal collection which is part of the Faberge's Heritage collection is just in time for the forthcoming Lunar New Year. The collection celebrates Faberge's love of surprises and wit by showcasing the delicate art of guilloche enamelling and hand-engraving featuring complex traditional techniques.

This forthcoming lunar new year celebrates the Year of Tiger as well as the 180th anniversary of the Maison and is very important for Faberge as it shares the same Chinese zodiac year as 1842, the year Faberge was founded, thus bringing history full circle. Those born in the Year of the Tiger are said to be brave, competitive, unpredictable and confident; people born under this sign are thought to be natural leaders.

This intriguing tiger surprise is crafted from 18k yellow gold and features sparkling white diamond eyes. It is closely fitted in an 18k yellow gold egg-shaped locket, hand-painted with bright red enamel, symbolising luck and

good fortune, and embellished with white diamonds, suspended on an 18k yellow gold chain. The high-spirited

design is perfect for surprising a loved one this gifting season.

Peter Carl Fabergé was known for creating eccentric little animals from hardstone as charms and ornaments. According to art historians these animals – the Fabergé menagerie – as possessing ‘psychologically interpretive aspects’, or human-like qualities. The accentuation of specific characteristics of each subject also

gave them distinctive personalities. Fabergé often combined these hardstones with precious metals and

coloured gems, seamlessly integrating each with the other to create miniature works of art. This precious tiger

is, therefore, a perfect example of Fabergé’s trademark style.

Author: Shohista Turan


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