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Emmanuel Tarpin: Exclusive interview with the designer and his nature-inspired high jewellery.

Emerging talent and contemporary high jewellery designer, Emmanuel Tarpin who's taken jewellery world by storm has turned 28 years old this summer. Emmanuel has kindly joined us live on Instagram. My favourite stone is emerald continued Emmanuel, the source of the main inspiration is nature, Lalique and Suzanne Belperron are the designers that Emanuel looks up to for jewellery designing inspirations...(Watch the live Instagram below).

The rose foxglove earrings: coloured aluminium (purple and plum colours) with red gold, yellow gold and 2 rubellites from Mozambique (6,5ct)

At just 25 years old, Emmanuel has already distinguished as an independent jewellery designer and was fortuitous to graduate from jewellery studies at Geneva’s HEAD (Haute École d’Arts Appliqués). Emanuel has trained at Van Cleef & Arpels’ High Jewellery ateliers in Paris for three years. His anodised aluminium and gold Geranium Leaf earrings sold in the auction for $25,000 in Christie's, New York and Sotheby's Geneva was so delighted to present a pair of tsavorite earrings and to add to this Emmanuel was named Rising Star and received a prize from Fashion Group International and ‘Designer of the Year’ at the Town and Country Jewelry Awards. Celebrities like Rihanna, Mandy Moore, Sarah Paulson has already stepped out on the red carpet wearing Emmanuel's irresistible jewellery pieces.

Aluminium and gold Geranium Leaf earrings sold in the auction for $25,000 in Christie's

Pair of Tsavorite Garnet Earrings, "Beanstalk". Emanuel Tarpin. Estimate CHF 12,000–18,000

In his own words, Tarpin says nature is the main source of inspiration for him. Growing up in a pristine valley of the Alps in south-eastern France in Annecy, Tarpin has spent most of his childhood surrounded by nature, walk in a natural environment on hiking trails, flower-filled meadows, mountain hikes and forest rambles which gave him a love of flora and fauna that would later infuse in his jewellery. Emmanuel's naturalistic jewellery portrays a side of nature that is wild, delicate and alive. Aluminium is his signature metal, although Emanuel claims that he likes to work with different metals, titanium, bronze, gold, platinum and many other. However, aluminium is lightweight and not easily corroded, the flexible material allows him to reproduce the floral, shell and leaf shapes that excite him in nature with an incredible likeness.

Emmanuel's every jewel is unique and takes up to several months to complete. At such a young age Emanuel is an inspiration to many of us, but these are early days and expect to see him grow and mature before our very eyes.


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