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Eayni Jewellery – Creating Meaningful Moments with Exceptional Diamonds

Eayni Jewellery is a UAE-based fine jewellery brand which crafts exquisitely delicate contemporary jewellery pieces set with top-quality lab-grown diamonds. ‘Eayni’ is an Arabic word which means eyes, and eyes are a treasure beyond measure. Keeping this sentiment in mind, Eayni offers an exceptional curation of beautifully crafted pieces that jewellery lovers will cherish forever.

Srushti Davariya, the founder and creative powerhouse behind Eayni, is a Surat, India, based 4th generation diamantaire, who wants to change the way jewellery lovers perceive diamonds, especially lab-grown ones. For Srushti, the idea behind creating Eayni was to bring together her two passions- her love for diamonds and her interest in the exciting innovation in this field, the use of man-made or lab-grown diamonds in fine jewellery.

Classic Solitaire Ring with Round Diamond; Infinity Ring with Emerald-Cut Diamond; Classic Solitaire Ring with Pear-Shaped Diamond

An expert in diamonds, Srushti explains that “chemically, physically, and optically lab-grown diamonds are similar to mined ones, except that they are grown above ground instead of below.” What’s more, lab-grown diamonds require the same cutting, faceting and polishing skills as natural diamonds.

Eayni Jewellery pieces have a minimalist design aesthetic and as jewelled accessories, can easily go from day into evening. Created for the discerning woman of today, the jewellery pieces at Eayni are a celebration of the unique beauty of the wearer and are a way for jewellery lovers to make their personal jewellery statement.

Mounted in 18K gold and set with sparkling diamonds in a variety of shapes and cuts, the jewellery pieces at Eayni are elegant and classy. In addition, the wide selection of jewellery pieces in the brand’s introductory collection means that there is something special for everyone. For instance, at Eayni the tennis bracelet, a style staple for every jewellery collection, is available in two different but equally beguiling versions – a tennis bracelet with round, brilliant-cut lab-grown diamonds as well as one with emerald-cut lab-grown diamonds. Similarly, the selection of earrings is not just limited to exquisite solitaire stud earrings, there are huggies and hoop earrings as well. Srushti’s insistence on precise and detailed craftsmanship makes the jewellery pieces at Eayni future heirlooms, not only to be cherished today but for generations to come.

“Not just beautiful, the pieces have the potential to reach those who have limited budgets but still want to enjoy the exuberance of diamonds; there is an 80% difference in prices.” For Srushti, one of the goals for starting a fine jewellery brand for lab-grown diamonds was to create jewellery pieces that gave the wearer the same brilliance, fire and scintillation as mined diamonds, at a fraction of the cost. This she has been able to accomplish without compromising on the allure and uniqueness of the diamonds.

Halo Stud Earrings; Inside Out Round Hoops; Classic Solitaire Stud Earrings

In addition, Srushti feels very strongly about the environmentally sustainable way in which lab-grown diamonds are created. Completely bypassing the environmental toll of diamond mining, the lab-grown diamonds at Eayni Jewellery are conflict-free and ethically produced.

Eayni is on its way to becoming the leading jeweller in the Middle East (and beyond) for fine jewellery set with lab-grown diamonds. Furthermore, with Eayni, Srushti is changing the way people perceive diamonds, especially lab-grown diamonds. Eayni jewellery pieces are an irresistible choice for jewellery lovers who value environmental sustainability and who also want to enjoy the luxury of a diamond but at affordable prices.

Author: Reema Farooqui


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