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Christmas Jewellery: Five Jewellery designers to look out for this Christmas season.

With the Holiday Season just around the corner, Jewellery Pursuer will guide you through a mesmerising selection of jewellery for your loved ones. Discover our selection of luxury gifts for her: independent designers have conjured up an impressive list of suitably twinkly offerings for 2022. If you are looking for a new classic, Toktam collection is the perfect place to start, here you’ll find pieces of 18-carat gold bangles, necklaces and shoulder-swiping earrings. Giancarlo Brarda's bespoke all-out glamour with cocktail rings or Sevun's heart diamond rings, floating gemstone jewellery or Ying Chen's emerald ring sprinkled with a generous dusting of diamonds. Too much? Then head to Mathon Paris's floral gems with the rarest gems and diamond rings instead. Waste no time, add to the Christmas list immediately and wish away.

Toktam Jewellery

Number one on our Christmas list is Toktam Jewellery. Fine jewellery for fierce and bold. Perfectly imperfect and meticulously made by Toktam and team using 18kt gold making them the perfect treat, #gift or #wedding essential. It is an affordable luxury jewellery brand that fuses contemporary with timeless sophistication. Infused with destinations from dazzling destinations Toktam jewellery embodies adventure, joy and well-being.

Below is the 'Zodiac' collection of Toktam. I chose this collection because it is so sentimental, it's so personal to me, my mood and everything I do in everyday life. This collection determines one's goals, values and choices on this planet. In fact, it is in solid gold just enlightens me and in fact, it is the power collection that lies in its symbolism of individualism.

Toktam's "Zodiac" collection, made with 18kt gold and diamonds

Giancarlo Brarda Jewellery

Italian jewellery designer Giancarlo Brarda is a #highjewellery designer on our wishlist this season. GIA graduate and gemmologist Giancarlo in the business for over ten years and works on creating #oneofakind and #exquisite jewellery pieces. Each piece of jewellery highlights the centre stone gemstones with diamonds. Giancarlo loves using the rarest and the most desired gemstones for his jewellery. Giancarlo Brarda has been all about expressing yourself through jewellery, and he does that just to keep his jewellery effortlessly together and bring the jewellery to life on the bench.

Haute Joaillerie by Giancarlo Brarda

Sevun Design Jewellery

Sevun design was founded by GIA Graduate, gemologist and Head Jewellery Designer Sandy IP in 2015 in Hong Kong, but Sandy's jewellery background goes back to 2005, with over 30 years of experience. The designer Sandy believed that #jewellery is the perfect medium to express one's individuality and Sevun design strives to empower #women to live extraordinarily and confidently, no matter what life throws at them. Sevun design is a fine jewellery house creating a high-quality, bespoke and fine jewellery collection for clients all over the world. Sevun designs not only create high-end pieces but also works with top artisans in Asia to create handcrafted pieces featuring rare gemstones that are highly thought after by the most elite consumers. Watch the video for the most beautiful pieces.

Sevun's most beautiful jewellery designs

Ying Chen Chen Fine Jewellery

The next on my radar for Christmas is Ying Chen's fine jewellery. Ying Chen Chen's eponymous #finejewellery brand was set up by Ying Chen, a jewellery designer, GIA and metalsmith to create unique and poetic jewellery. Enchanted by jewellery, Ying Chen majored in jewellery design and metalsmithing. After graduating from university, she went to Paris to continue her studies in jewellery design. Her main source of inspiration is nature, flora as well as poems, music and travels. She recreates each special scene in the form of jewellery, combining beauty and elegance into timeless pieces, the story and significance behind each piece of jewellery will give the impression. In addition, Ying Chen is obsessed with various coloured gems, and her husband Yang Hua-en, a gem cutter, has flaws in creating the most desired jewellery pieces. I have selected the 'Winter Calm' ring for you, which features Neon Blue - green tourmaline centre stones. The ring expresses transparency, and cleanliness in winter, with diamonds, moonstones and sapphires in harmony giving you the perfect urge to love and treasure.

Winter Calm Ring, Ying Chen, Neon Blue - green tourmaline centre stones, with diamonds, moonstones and sapphires.

Mathon Paris

Mathon Paris, a Paris-based jewellery designer has invited me to preview the third and final chapter of the Les Vergers collection in Paris. And I absolutely fell in love with the collection. Mathon Paris has a strong attachment to the fauna and flora which has been interpreted through their three-part collection. The House of Mathon draws its inspiration from nature and pays tribute to the earth through its naturalist jewellery collections. The three chapters of the Les Vergers collection are a tribute to Roger Mathon, the founder of the House. The Family home called "Les Vergers" is a major source of inspiration for this grandeur collection. The drawings, paintings and sketches of the founder have allowed the creation of this collection in the full heritage of French savour-faire. I have picked up some of my favourite pieces for you to pick from.

Belle De Nuit, Les Vergers, Pink Gold 18k, 6 White Diamonds,072ct, and Laquire

Author: Shohista Turan @Jewellery_Pursuer


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