Bulgari's Roman Inspired Barocko High Jewellery Collection

Just what the world needed this year!

All the elements of Bulgari’s potent style are present in the new Barocko high jewellery collection including the iconic Serpenti in this illustration by Ignasi that evokes the opulence of the Italian Baroque era. 

In mid-July, Bulgari unveiled its Baroko High Jewellery Collection and it’s safe to say that this collection, with its breadth and scope, is exactly what the world needed this year. There is a staggering sumptuousness to this collection which speaks the language of exuberance and sensuality. Each piece in this collection is irrepressibly stunning and unique in its own way.

The Baroko High Jewellery Collection finds Rome front and centre in all its pieces. The City is the muse, her architecture and avenues, her Baroque past and Renaissance history, building blocks of the collection’s design aesthetic. At once dramatic and sophisticated, this collection also offers many surprises, of form, concept and colour.