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Photos: Courtesy of Sotheby's Jewellery

The oval brilliant-cut diamond weighing 102.39 carats. Accompanied by GIA report no. 2205118593, dated 3 September 2020, stating that the diamond is D Colour, Flawless, Excellent Polish and Symmetry; also accompanied by a diamond type classification letter stating that the diamond is determined to be a Type I...

This autumn, Sotheby’s will offer for sale one of the earth’s rarest and most coveted wonders – a highly important 102.39-carat D Colour Flawless Oval Diamond. Only seven D colour Internally Flawless or Flawless white diamonds over 100 carats have been sold at auction, making this the eighth. In an unprecedented move, the diamond will be offered ‘without reserve’, meaning that, the winning bid is the highest bid, regardless of its amount or the intrinsic value of the diamond itself. This approach marks the first time in auction history that a diamond of this calibre - or indeed any work of art or object of this importance and inherent value - has been offered this way.

Photos: Courtesy of Sotheby's Jewellery

This 102.39-carat diamond will be offered in a stand-alone, single lot live auction on 5 October 2020, with bidding open online from 15 September.  The auction will be preceded by a series of previews in Beijing, Shanghai, New York, Taipei and Hong Kong (*by appointment only). 

Videos: Courtesy of Sotheby's Jewellery



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