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Anne Baker Jewellery: Modernising the Pearl narratives.

The portrait of Anne Baker

The founder of the namesake New York City jewellery brand and designer of Anne Baker Collection on fashion, beauty and jewellery. Comfort while wearing a jewel and a sense of style are the two best qualities that determine Anne Baker jewellery. This relatively new brand was launched in 2019 by a woman with impeccable taste - Anne Baker. In a modern take on classic pearls, Anne Baker is combining these treasures of the sea with coloured gemstones for a look with a contemporary punch that is a fresh and very wearable fine jewellery collection custom-designed, hand-crafted and produced in New York City. To me, Anne Baker jewellery is a name synonymous with femininity, creativity and timelessness.

Pearls have always had this image problem that they are for a more mature audience and that the pearl's overall look is conservative and outdated. That is no longer the case with Anne Baker. This is part of the Anne Baker brand initiative to further widen its reach in the pearl segment, specifically by striking a chord with younger, fashion-savvy women who are looking for versatile pieces that can be worn every day and during evening events.

The Hearts Collection, fine Tourmalines surrounded by Rubies, Anne Baker. The Hearts can be worn as a single pendant with enhance attached on a chain or pearl strand

Pearls are always right. There is no outfit they do not match, instead Pearls upgrade every look. Just like a pair of high heels, pearls add class to even the simplest jeans and T-shirt look. This is exactly the concept behind Anne Baker collection to win over new audiences through chic, contemporary designs and modern influences that bolster her fine jewellery appeal among wider segments of the market.

20k Rose Gold heart rings with pink Spinel, White and Yellow diamonds and Emerald, The Scalloped Hearts Earrings with pink and blue Sapphires, Moonstones and Diamonds, Anne Baker

Anne didn’t start her career as a jewelry designer, once she had her own fashion design label. Through a series of unrelated events, she recalls, she needed to re-evaluate her life and reached the “Aha moment” which led her to mark with jewellery and learning the craft of jewels. Anne keeps embarking on teaching herself each step of the creative and the business aspects simultaneously. This is not easy, as it requires patience, unwavering commitment, keen observation, business strategy for the brand and most importantly the passion to see it all through.

Pink Freshwater with pink Sapphire with 20k rose gold and Champagne gold South Sea pearl punctuated with Diamond petals, Freshwater glowing pearls, with pink sapphire, set in 20k rose and yellow gold earrings, also Loie Earrings combined with diamonds and pearls, Anne Baker

Although Anne Baker’s pieces are imbued with presence, they never overpower the wearer’s own character. Instead, Anne Baker designs are as conversation starters—they allow the wearer to make a statement without ever detracting or overwhelming their personal style. Her pearlescent collection adapts these signature elements to modern gold jewellery pieces adorned with pearls, coloured gemstones, diamonds to suit every look and style. Anne’s collection includes a variety of unique pieces from necklaces to chokers, bracelets and versatile earrings to pendants and rings.

The heart cultured pearl bracelets, South Sea pearls necklace, Tahitian pearls bracelet and necklace set in 18k gold, A Initial Pendants as well as signature earrings, Anne Baker


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