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Reaching for the Stars with Aeon Jewellery

Ever since the first humans looked up towards the heavens and saw the twinkling, shimmering pinpoints of lights in the sky, we have yearned to touch the stars and, in the process, understand who we are. At Aeon Jewellery, our need to connect with those celestial bodies is translated into fine jewels, where the inspiration comes from finding meaning in the small things that surround us in our everyday life, which give it texture and beauty.

The UAE-based fine jewellery brand, which was established almost two years ago, crafts jewellery pieces that embody luxury but have been designed for practicality, keeping the modern woman in mind. The pieces are creatively designed but are also imbued with sentiments. It is difficult for the wearer not to find their own emotions and aspirations reflected in the pieces they choose.

The fine jewellery pieces at Aeon jewellery are crafted in 18k gold and are set with sparkling, brilliant-cut diamonds and attractive gem materials, that are brimming with meaning and symbolism, such as Lapis Lazuli and Mother-of-Pearl. In addition, many of the pieces are embellished with crisp and finely fashioned enamel.

Aeon’s Celeste Collection has been inspired by the astral realm and its pieces are a jewelled bridge between the physical and the metaphysical worlds. Each piece in this collection is unique, in that, it tells its own story, a story steeped in mysticism and our eternal search for answers about nature, life and existence. The design motifs touch upon the ordinary and the extraordinary. Stars, studded with scintillating diamonds, a yellow-gold sun, sinking into a watery horizon or a bejewelled solar system, where each planet is seen as a flashing diamond, the connotations are simple yet profound.

At Aeon Jewellery, creating a connection between the wearer and the brand through personalized products is always a top priority. For instance, in their Lunar Phases jewels, which have been inspired by the different phases of the moon, the buyer has the option to customize their piece based on their own natal lunar phase. This allows the piece to hold special meaning and creates a unique bond between the brand and the buyer.

Creativity and sentiments that connect the wearer to the jewel in deeply personal ways are the cornerstones of Aeon Jewellery. The wonders of Nature around us and the rich meaning in ordinary things have been distilled into fine, luxury jewellery by this brand.


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