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The Most Memorable Jewellery to invest this Christmas.

With the Christmas season upon us, it’s time to indulge in those festive traditions.This means putting up and decorating your tree, feasting on seasonal favourites and of course, Christmas shopping. But if you have hardly begun to buy that special gift for your loved ones or if you can't decide on that special something, jewellery makes a truly sentimental present. Choosing the right piece can be something that your loved one treasure for years to come. For instance, a capsule wardrobe has become very fashionable, more and more of us are adopting it and there has never been abetter time to invest in some great capsule pieces of jewellery that can elevate simpler and more classic pieces. Whether you are looking to buy jewellery for that someone special, to accessorise your outfits or just want a great new investment you can wear for years then don’t worry, I have put together the ultimate Christmas gift guide to help you find the perfect piece of jewellery.


House of Geneva is renowned for striking statement diamond jewellery and rings that are divinely handcrafted by Genevan expert craftsmen. Their high jewellery can also be playful. House of Geneva prides themselves on their Swiss heritage and sustainable values. This collection is certainly one to be proud of. If you are looking for an investment timepiece then you won't find much better than the beautifully bedazzled ‘The Horologue Fleurie Earring’. This will make a statement for generations to come. The pieces feel youthful and contemporary while keeping the luxurious quality for which the brand is known.

POA, The Horologue Fleurie Earring, House of Geneva.


The ‘Abundant Blossom Earrings’ is a nature-inspired pair with impeccable attention to detail featuring golden foliage with jewelled blossoms, and two stunning Golden South Sea Pearls. Charlotte always creates soulful, exclusive works of art, beautifully showcasing the treasures of nature. These Golden South Sea Pearls are so luxurious. Whether you want to add elegance to your off-duty denim or to update your working wardrobe, this is a piece worth investing in. Charlotte Wendes's jewellery collection is the perfect summer jewellery gift for anyone who loves nature. The sweet yellow gold and diamond leafy south pearls earrings are an excellent way to give someone's outfit a bit of extra sparkle.

Abundant Blossom Earrings, 2 Golden South Sea Pearls, yellow gold and diamonds, Charlotte Wendes.


Founded in Chandigarh, India, by Pavit Gujral – an innate gemmologist and intuitive jewellery designer - Pavit Gujral Designs aims to continue to set the standard for the ultimate in fine jewellery. MERAKI Designs aims to be the ‘Pop Star’ of the Fine Jewellery & Gems Industry by creating high-end, bespoke, trendsetting pieces of the highest quality. Mother Nature is the key inspiration behind the designs of Indian jeweller Pavit Gujral, and this is beautifully reflected in her recent collections. A contemporary collection of 'Mother Nature' & 'Marine' jewellery features undeniably symbolic fine jewellery designs that are unmistakably Pavit Gujral. All pieces sparkle with rare, expertly set diamonds, to embellish a perfectly sculpted piece rendered in platinum, or 18kt yellow, white or rose gold. All of Pavit's pieces open the gates to a world of infinite brilliance and endless sparkling possibilities, with jewels that carry a positive message of a prosperous future in designs meant to shine on any occasion, day or night.

White Daisy Collection - Inspired by White Daisies, this collection is an ebullient representation of spring, symbolizing innocence, simplicity & purity. The jewelry has been handcrafted and pavé set in 18K Gold with Tsavorite Garnets, Yellow Sapphires & Pear-Brilliant Diamonds. The chain has an arboreal finish to augment the design, Pavit Gujral.


A fourth-generation jeweler Peseli was founded by Marianna Marolla. Peseli jewellery pieces are handcrafted using only in 18 kt gold, drawing inspiration from the extensive cultural heritage of Corfiot Designs and has been created with a modern and fresh taste, incorporating precious stones. This sophisticated collection is based on curvaceous forms, with love and passion for colour and romantic vintage designs. If you're after earrings with a little more drama about them, then look no further, Peseli Jewels and the label's dangly diamond and gold pieces are show-stoppers, which are made for those very special nights on the calendar.

Peseli Jewels, by Marianna Marolla, 18 kt gold, Corfiot ones Synthetic corundum,


A heritage seeped in beauty and fine ornamentation has moulded the artistry of designer Dina Maghawry, who in 2005 established her workshop. Dina Mahgawry jewellery creates a passion for preserving traditional Egyptian jewellery making. Using traditional forms and patterns as a launching point the designer and her team bring a contemporary character and a modern-day flair to culturally rich handmade, one-of-a-kind jewellery… Dina's love of nature, colour, and beauty underlies the handcrafted pieces they make. Pieces that tell a story, that tie the nostalgic past to the functional present, and that breathes life into any garments they are paired with. Her work with gemstones, diamonds and coloured enamels to create a long-lasting memory tied to each unique piece. Want to bring something dreamy into your day-to-day look? Try the beautiful and delicate rings from Dina Maghawry. Whether for adding elegance to your off-duty denim or to update your working wardrobe, this is a piece worth investing in.

Dina Maghawry

POA, Dina Maghawry,


Esther Assouline's works of art have become popular in the last couple of years. Her creations connect with her memories, back to her origins. Esther mainly uses gold,platinum and precious stones that bring colour and life. Her adorable gold rings areadmired by many, including one of her latest diamond-encrusted rings. Still delicate designs of gold curation have been in high demand recently. Esther's use of chasing techniques is to give substance to her jewellery. She is very fond of the contrast between the rough and the refined, the imprint of the past on contemporary jewellery. Whether with a daytime ensemble or something more dressy, these sweet rings will instantly elevate your style.

POA, Esther Assouline, Precious jewellery, in 18 and 22 kt gold, chasing and precious stones.


Mirari is a fine jewellery company based in New Delhi and founded by Mira Gulati,the US-trained gemologist and jewellery designer. Mira Gulati has created the Miraribrand to satisfy India’s growing demand for luxury jewellery with a contemporaryedge, as well as the international market’s craving for aesthetic, incredible Indiantreasures. Mirari has unveiled its latest ever playful and tantalising ‘Beads & Berry’ collection. Drawing inspiration from the variety of round berry fruit or cluster of berries, the collection by Mirari marks a step into the world of modern design created with a younger, more fashion-conscious consumer in mind.The Emerald, Ruby and Tanzanite Bead – the three primary colours used to form its chromatic backdrop. In a stroke of genius, the primary hues of each bead have been masterfully selected to create the illusion of ‘berry fruit, each individually set in 18 kt yellow & white gold and enhanced by an entourage of diamonds. Comprised of just under 20 fun and colourful pieces, each has been cleverly designed to be mixed and matched, stacked and styled in any way that the wearer desires, making the collection the perfect accessory to complete any outfit whilst adding a touch of colour and a modern twist.

18 kt yellow & white gold and enhanced by an entourage of diamonds, Mirari Jewellery.


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