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Bao Bao Wan: Fine Jewellery Craftsmanship that's Good To Treasure.

Chinese appetite for luxury has generated a mutually inventive exchange of ideas, influences and manner between east and west in the world of jewellery and new vastly growing young jewellery designers.

Being the granddaughter to Wan Li, former chairman of the National People’s Congress Wan brought up in the presidential compound in Beijing but left, aged 15, to study photography inNew York and literature in France, where she was the first Chinese woman to appear at the Bal des Débutantes at the Hôtel de Crillon.She has returned to Hong Kong to continue to study gemology.Wan began designing her high jewellery collection in 2007 and launched her collection in 2007.

Bao Bao jewels

South Sea pearls and diamonds, Bao Bao Wan.

Bao's high jewellery designs are a direct reflection of her life experiences from her childhood, inspiration from the shapes in nature, one of her many duties were to freeze the moment through her photography and present it in her jewellery designs. Her jewels ooze a glossy, irreverent glamour, mixing a Chinese narrative with a European sensibility, demonstrated in very fine craftsmanship and the names of the collections, such as La Maison de Mon Enfance – a reflection, says Wan, of her time in Paris and her studies in French literature.

"Jewellery awakens the beauty of the women, no matter if you are Chinese or not. The jewellery also brings a certain sort of security for the women. For me jewellery is the next instrument in creating beauty, it is an expression of aesthetics" - Bao Bao Wan.

Jewels by Bao Bao Wan.

Bao Wan, the founder, an artist, socialite and businesswoman has reached heights with her creative label under her name. Wan is famous for producing a range of luxurious, stunning and feisty colourful jewellery. Her work is minimal and elegant, made from high-quality precious metals, including 18 karat gold, featuring items such as necklaces with beautiful dainty pendants.

Wan's designs translate her childhood memories, legends of ancient China into whimsical narratives of richly coloured gem-set jewels, reinterpreting the memories, sights, sounds and sensation of her upbringing in the Forbidden City.

High jewellery necklace, combined with Tourmaline, pink sapphire, ruby light and diamonds, Bao Bao Wan.

Art Deco style, Coral ring combined with sapphire, ruby, onyx, Bao Bao Wan.

Tourmaline earrings, Bao Bao Wan.

Sunrise Art Deco bracelet with pink and blue sapphires and diamonds, Bao Bao Wan.

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