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House of Geneva: The first exclusive and private launching.

The House of Geneva launches, at the Mandarin Oriental in Taipei, Taiwan.

House of Geneva was founded in 2017, and was officially launched in 11th of October 2018 in Geneva. A year later, the Maison held its first international event, in Taiwan and it was big!

House of Geneva held its first exclusive and private showing of its collections, at the Mandarin Oriental in Taipei, on the 5th of October 2019. The Maison presented eight unique pieces of Haute Joaillerie showcasing unique gems and diamonds as well as rare Genevan craftsmanship and savoir-faire. The event was the first international presentation of the Maison's joaillerie. The Maison has welcomed its guests with a cocktail and champagne and a photo booth to mark the occasion and pop jazz music was played to welcome guests into the dining room.

The Maison has presented its jewels in a display that was inspired by Geneva: in the centre, a fountain of blue and orange flowers flowed symbolising the Jet d’Eau. In a semi-circle, the royal blue wall laced with gold created an intimate space to discover the pieces. Four wooden showcases were arranged in the half-moon display, one was covered with a soft velvet fabric. In a separate corner, a single showcase stood also hidden under a dark blue velvet cover, hiding the Maison’s Masterpiece. The first pieces of the Jet d’Eau collection were on display, as well as the newest pieces of the Vieille-Ville and Horloge Fleurie collections. After a brief history of the Maison and its founding family, the final piece of the Jet d’Eau collection was unveiled. The handcrafted piece showcases a rare pair of type IIa rosecut diamonds respectively 5,51 and 5,08 carats; crowned by a pair of pigeon blood unheated Burmese rubies, set in ethical rose gold.

As the dinner began, Shuya Fan’s voice enchanted the Grand Ballroom. Yi Sheng Liao at the guitar, Kelvin Chuang at the bass, Criss Kuo on the drums and Nash Kang at the keyboard, accompanied the vocals. As the first musical set ended, the guests turned again to the exhibition as the Maison’s Masterpiece, the Blue Isabellae, was being unveiled. Followed the second set, as well as the vegetarian menu which took the guests through House of Geneva’s universe. As the evening ended, the guests were gifted Swiss chocolates from the famous Du Rhône Chocolatier, since 1875. The receipt for their iconic “Pavés de Genève” was created over a 100 years.

The Maison’s Masterpiece Haute Joaillerie unique gems and diamonds

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