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Jewellery on Instagram: Instagram Jewellery Accounts that I follow who display an artistic approach

Instagram is a great source of information and inspiration for many artists, designers, and exhibition goers, as well as a great platform for networking, sales, and the exchange of skills. I started my Instagram page in pursuit of finding those great talents. I have been following some talented jewellery designers, and am madly in love with what many produce for their fans. As I am a trained jewellery lover, I pursue jewellery designers who have the same goals as my own. There are some jewellery designers and houses that I follow who display an artistic approach to their feed. Find out about them here! ;-)


Douglas Mcdonnell is a jewellery designer and manufacturer, offering a unique perspective on the jewellery designing process. His account features pencil sketches, which he then renders using vivid gouache paints in immaculate detail. The results are eye-catching designs that look like the finished product is simply sitting on top of the page.

DM Instagram page
DM Instagram page


The House of Gilan is a brand whose designs are heavily influenced by their home city of Istanbul. Their diverse Instagram page features everything from monochrome photography to editorial photo shoots, which often follow a coherent theme.


Australian twin brothers opted for a contrasting approach to creating an Instagram layout. It celebrates jewellery with vibrant pops of colour by mirroring the bright hues of the gemstones within their irreverent designs.

david Michael
david michael


Margaux Durieux is another jewellery designer whose Instagram showcases their breathtakingly rendered designs. With a beautiful minimalistic layout, her delicate, finely detailed designs really stand out.


Will Kahn is the Fashion and Accessories Director at Town & Country magazine. He displays his favourite pieces in eye-catching flat-lays atop his notebook, which he annotates with detailed information about each item. His unique composition sets his photos apart from the rest.


Zoltan David is an American jewellery designer. Bold, dramatic photography, usually with a dark background, really gives the gemstones their moment to shine. Each photo highlights the exquisite detail that goes into every piece. They've recently started to post more frequently, which we are certainly excited about!


Vhernier is an Italian brand known for their artistry and craftsmanship in jewellery making. Their Instagram follows an artistic theme and showcases the fine details of each item of jewellery. With the occasional behind-the-scenes glimpses of the design process, and well curated Instagram Highlights, their page is a pleasure to explore.

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