TEFAF, MAASTRICHT 2019: Wallace Chan - Twelve necklaces, one story.

Today, world-renowned jewelry creator Wallace Chan unveiled his latest innovation in TEFAF, MAASTRICHT 2019. Well known for inventing an illusionary multi-dimensional gemstone carving technique called The Wallace Cut and being a pioneer in creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces with space-aged metal titanium, Chan debuting Wallace Chan's wearable works of art, showcasing innovations in titanium, The Wallace Chan Porcelain, patented jade technique as well as gemstone carving and setting. Chan's presenting, Twelve necklaces, one story – upon contemplation of the Chinese zodiac’s representation of time and our personal relationship to the greater universe. Each creation is a philosophical exploration of the universe, depicting stories of the past and present, and laying out his vision for the future. I have had the great pleasure of interviewing the master and here's what he said below. :-)

1. You are referred to as a Master, yet you call yourself 'Master of Failures'. How did you learn to value your failure?

Failures will always outnumber successes. Behind every stunning jewelry and groundbreaking innovation are always many broken pieces and valuable mistakes. Shattered hopes and unfulfilled dreams are only shattered and unfulfilled if you let them. When you start embracing failure, you start getting encouraged rather than discouraged by it. You start realizing that the more you fail, the closer you are to success.