World's Renowned Jeweler, Gemologist, Master Artisan Reza is in London.


Reza is renowned for his expertise as a gem connoisseur jointly with the impressive collection he had amassed him to establish himself, by the 1950s, as well as became the primary provider of precious stones for some of the most prestigious jewellers. Many of Reza’s exquisitely crafted jewels would take years to complete involved by his infallible commitment to selecting of the finest specimens, the right design and gemstone to achieve perfection which leads to truly spectacular pieces. Today, his son Olivier is continuing the tradition with the same focus, relying on centuries of expertise and dedication to quality, in their exclusive salons at 21 Place Vendôme and the iconic Ritz Palace.

Reza, French designer is a household name for extraordinary gemstones and known for its famous otherworldly creations and for his flawless ability to source the most exceptional gemstones in the world. The House of Reza craft no more than 60 pieces a year which all the creation capture the essence of luxury, glamour, rare and vividly-coloured gemstones sourced right at the source in Colombia, India, Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka and other important mining and trading centres. Reza is known for acquiring some of the world’s rarest precious stones, mainly the precious stones: ruby, diamond, sapphire, pearls and emerald which highlighted the designer’s desire to remain unmatched in remaining the most renowned gem connoisseur in the world.

DUCHESSE PERLES BLANCHES. Earrings featuring 2 South Sea pearls weighing 28,94 carats; 4 marquise-shaped diamonds for 2,05 carats; 22 oval-cut diamonds for 9,53 carats; And 4 brilliants for 0,84 carat. Set on white gold.

The Maison REZA has invited me for its first private pre Christmas holiday presentation in London on Thursday 20th December 2018. Reza inaugurated their showroom inside the gallery of The Mews Suite at The Connaught hotel presenting its jewellery collection. The private show was to introduce the fine detailed craftsmanship of the pieces attained a new level of excellence and aesthetics sensibility added value t