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VICENZAORO: Discovering treasures of Vicenzaoro, Made in Italy.

VICENZAORO - the hub of luxury, style, and creativity. It is the largest window onto the world of Italian and international high-quality gold and jewelry show which was held between 22-26 September in Vicenza. It is the largest Show in Europe for Gold and Jewelry, the industry, able to bring together the most authoritative players in the jewelry world. It is the perfect place in which to develop business and consolidate relations as well as a privileged observatory for understanding the latest trends in terms of style and design on the gold and jewelry market. VICENZAORO reinforces its position as the most prestigious and important showcase for the European jewelry sector. The conclusion sets an optimistic tone as more than 20.000 visitors from 117 different Countries attended the September edition of VICENZAORO.

Vicenzaoro, Italy

This year, I have visited the Vicenzaoro, with the hope to discover new treasures, new emerging trends and new designers. I was amazed at the vast amount of made in Italy jewelry pieces. Due to the exceptional nature of the Italian made jewels, I was always intrigued to discover the made in Italy pieces. Vicenzaoro also presented a selection of statement jewels, with key decorative elements made from fairly bold modern materials as well as gold. I can say that the Italian style in making jewelry is an increasingly great driver for the market. The trends like cool, chick, beautiful fine jewelry are the sources of Made in Italy. Creative and Innovative pieces with well-made jewellery, with expert craftsmanship and with beautiful materials were the centerpiece at Vicenzaoro. I have been so amazed by seeing new designs and concepts that I have never seen anywhere else. There is a growing appreciation for Italian's various cultural and artistic realities.

I didn't leave Vicenzaoro without choosing my favorite jewelry designers. The designers whose jewels are crafted by expert artisans with an International appeal. The designers that I chose from exhibiting in Vicenzaoro include Alessio Boschi, Antonio Milano, Isabella Langloise, Syna Jewels, Stenzhorn, Palmiero and many more.

S Y N A Jewellery

S Y N A jewellery ( M E A N S T O G E T H E R). Drawing inspiration from little things, owners Dharmesh & Namrata Kothari have created an extraordinary and refreshing collection of luxurious jewels. Staying true to the meaning of this philosophy, the Syna brand showcases jewelry that speaks for itself and reflects positive energy. Solid 18ct yellow gold, diamonds, onyx and many other gemstones was wisely used to transcend age and time, the Syna collection is for every woman who appreciates distinctive style.


Milan based Italian jewelry house Antonini has showcased its great jewellery-making tradition. Antonini founded in 1919, and rapidly became the purveyor to the Milanese aristocracy, for whom the company designed extraordinary one-of-a-kind pieces. ANTONINI is known for creating timeless jewellery using top-quality craftsmanship and sophisticated designs. Winner of the prestigious “Diamond International Award”, ANTONINI continues to bring its sought-after jewelry collections to clients around the world. Above is the Antonini's Eternal Collection.

Alessia Boschi

The ludic element of surprise is essential in the making of Alessia Boschi pieces where his Roman Baroque Heritage comes out. The colour, in multiple shades or contrasting tones, tridimensional volume where the reflection of the light accentuates the curves and the glamour of sparkling gemstones, subtle hidden articulation, the multi-functionality, which allows the jewel to be worn in different ways and for different occasions, and finally, the hidden details, which lead to an imaginary journey in a playful way

Isabella Langloise

Isabella Langloise, Turquoise ring

Isabella Langloise, Turquoise ring in 18ct gold.


THE NOBLE ONES, WILD ORCHID Necklace Rubies, 18K Gold, Diamonds, Rubies. Stenzhorn.

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