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David & Michael Talked us through their Koi Pond Jewellery in an Exclusive interview.

Last week, David & Michael unveiled their new Koi Pond jewellery. The collection – which is available at Betteridge, in Singapore from 3 October is the newest offering from David & Michael's new vision, which is all about celebrating the miniature luxury. David & Michael told us of the idea behind the Koi Pond collection. It was very much a new way of creating high jewellery. The collection was inspired by the idea of the unusual portrait cut Aquamarine and nature. Here's my exclusive interview with the twin brothers, jewellery designers.

Koi Pond jewellery accessory

Koi Pond Jewellery Pendant/Brooch, Aquamarine, Tsavorites and Diamonds. David & Michael.

Jewellery Pursue. Since our last conversation in August you have managed to create another masterpieces. What is the secret behind your consistency and managing to develop your new creations?

David&Micheal. The overwhelming desire to create something beautiful and special guides every piece we make. Our consistent priority with every jewel is always, how can we make this more special, how can we add more detail and beauty.

DM Koi Pond jewellery creation

Koi Pond Jewellery Pendant/Brooch in details. Aquamarine, Tsavorites and Diamonds. David & Michael.

JP. Your new addition, ‘Koi pond’ what’s the concept behind it? What inspired you to generate such an astonishing peace like Koi Pond?

DM. Actually the inspiration for that piece came from the unusual portrait cut Aquamarine. (Which is essentially a thin slice of natural aquamarine with a few step facets around the edges). The design grew naturally, as soon as I saw it I thought that would make great water to incase a miniature painting behind, and I’ve always loved Koi fish so it was an instant thought to put a koi in the water and turn it into a pond. Every good pond needs a nice setting and we love adding different textures and colours to our jewels, so the pond developed a cobble stone edge of natural concrete coloured diamond cubes which contrast the super crisp facets of the Aquamarine perfectly. Then to soften things up a little the pond was set on gentle grassy mounds of Tsavorite pave, blue and green has always been a favourite colour combination and the pave helped soften and give a gentle edge to the design. Finally there is a viewing path of bright colourless baguette cut diamonds, again to add a different texture and to lighten things up, it would also give the viewer of the imaginary setting a nice place to stand and view the pond.

Koi Pond Jewellery Pendant/Brooch. Aquamarine, Tsavorites and Diamonds. David & Michael.

JP. Can we talk about the details? How long did the piece take to be completed? How much of the diamonds, or any precious stones did you get to use?

DM. The piece itself took a little over three hundred hours to make, then there was design time and the time spent completing the final rendering, as well as handmaking the fitted leather box and collecting all of the gemstones used in the piece. In total that’s just over four hundred hours.

Koi Pond Jewellery Pendant/Brooch. Aquamarine, Tsavorites and Diamonds. David & Michael.

JP. I always see the connection and passion for your profession. What’s the secret behind this thriving passion?

DM. Thank you, we really do love what we are doing. For us there is no secret, we have just always loved art and making things with our hands ever since we were toddlers, the joy of making things never went away. Actually I think it’s always been a very natural thing for humans to want to create, normally starting with finger paints and building blocks as toddlers, for us that natural desire never disappeared. There’s a natural progression from childhood building block to the blocks of diamond we use today.

JP. I also gave a close attention to your work and you do not only do a great job but you also keep your customers and jewellery lovers happy with your answers on social platforms. How do you make it all look so easy?

DM. I think because we personally make each jewel ourselves, we become very attached to them during the hundreds of hours spent while creating them, social media is also another place that we get to be creative which is a lot of fun. If we do decide to share the finished piece on social media any comments we receive feel personal and deserve the respect of a reply. Online is like another gallery where we get to share our art, so the feedback can be a nice break from time spent in the workshop making things.

JP. Do you have any plans of educating or sharing your knowledge to the younger generation?

DM. Not specifically at this time, although we do share glimpses into how we create and make things via our social media and YouTube channel, a lot of people have shared with us that they find that content educational and inspirational. Those glimpses are really all we have time for at the moment as we have so many ideas for future jewels we’d like to make.

JP. Do you have an agenda for taking your work to the next level by introducing to the European or Asian market?

DM. Actually, right now our work is being shown in Singapore at the Jewel Luxe show. Betteridge represents our work exclusively and are exhibiting our jewels there. There are also plans for them possibly showing our creations in Europe next year, but as of now we do not have any fixed plans that we can share at this time.

JP. What’s your message for young jewellery enthusiasts or amateurs?

DM. Tough question because the world of jewellery has so many different facets and tangents. Something that does ring true across all mediums, love what you do or don’t do it. If you really love jewellery don’t be tempted by shortcuts and easy options. Creating things by hand without computer aided design programs and wax printers is the most rewarding thing in the world and well worth the extra effort. Lastly always be honest and don’t misrepresent yourself, you might be able to fool a few people but the people that really matter can see right through a virtual world of misrepresentation.

Koi Pond finished

Koi Pond Jewellery Pendant/Brooch. Aquamarine, Tsavorites and Diamonds. David and Michael.


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