Alexia Gryllaki: Debuting her The "Box of Memories" Gemstone Collection.

Alexia Gryllaki is an award-winning designer and a professional gemologist with a degree in gemology and jewellery design from the Gemological Institute of America in London, as well as in other scientific and artistic subjects. After having worked as a ghost-designer for Greek and Italian high-end jewellery brands and as a gemologist in Hatton Garden, Alexia launched her brand “Alexia Gryllaki”and debuted with a colourful collection, "The Box of memories". Alexia has won mutiple awards for the jewellery design that she has created, including the President’s international design Award from the Cultured Pearl Association of America.

The Box of Memories collection,  The Island AG

The Box of Memories collection, The Island Long chain Necklace, 18ct gold, sapphire and cultured pearls, Alexia Gryllaki.

Alexia Gryllaki’s pieces are the most important accessories this season, boldly designed pieces of statement jewellery. Each piece is spectacularly rich in colours, the colours have run rampant in fashions particularly the green tones of emerald, vibrant hue of amethyst, turquoise, lapis lazuli and set of diamonds, pearls, and citrine. Alexia’s pieces allow you to stick to one spectacular piece, instead, of layering and stacking and piling on in multiple jewelleries.

Alexia has mastered her jewellery, and has been awarded for her “Diversity” and “Illusion” jewellery designs. By designing the Diversity earrings Alexia has understated that with respect of all races, beliefs, and cultures we stand strong together.

“Diversity” Earrings

The “Diversity” earring depicts modern society; it is dedicated to all humans of different race and sexual orientation. All four main types of cultured pearls have bee