David Michael: Focus on Nonstandard Art Jewels using Traditional Techniques.

Opening up to modernity and facing the more classical jewellery admirers, David Michael Jewels focus on nonstandard art jewels. David Michael Jewels bring a unique and artistic approach to the crafts, designs, using beautiful and rare gems are a pure work of art. Each piece is handmade from start to finish, hundreds of hours lavished on each concept. David Michael still use traditional, centuries-old techniques, starting every idea with a watercolour sketch. Everything made by hand, delivering an exceptional work of jewellery art, with its own life and soul. They are spectacular and one of kind, high-end jewels only.

Founders of the Australian private jewellery atelier David Michael Jewels David and Michael Robinson twin brothers, originally from New Zeland currently reside in Australia, shared with me their journey in creating the most beautiful art jewels. Here's what they said...

Antique Rose Ring

David Michael Antique Rose Ring, with conch pearls, sapphires and diamonds.

Jewellery Pursuer: Please tell me about David Michael as a brand. How were the David Michael brand born?

Michael Robinson: We are identical twin brothers who design and make jewellery. We’re originally from New Zealand, but we’re now currently based in Australia Goldcoast. We make every jewel ourselves by hand, making our pieces extremely exclusive, our total production is approximately fifteen pieces per year that are available exclusively via Betteridge. We grew up surrounded by jewellery, our father has always worked as a jeweller and then had his own boutique for as long as we can remember, we would play in his workshop with all the tools before kindergarten so it was just natural for us to make things.