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Highlights from Tefaf Jewellery Exhibition 2018.

Wallace Chan, Tefaf 2018

Wallace Chan 'Soaring Spirit' brooch with a central feature 17.67ct tsavorite garnet, 3.12ct yellow diamonds, fancy coloured diamond beads, ruby, pink sapphire and titanium.

When I received my invitation to Tefaf, Maastricht 2018 I was so glad that I got my travel planned straight away. It is because I was always wanting to visit this exclusive art fair which champions the finest art from across the world and considered one of the most anticipated fairs of the year in the world of fine art – from antiques, Old Masters and Haute Joaillerie to contemporary painting works on paper and 20th-century design. The fair was designed with flora, elegant space saturated with noble refinement and aristocracy. The event was full with private art collectors, media, women and men in smart and sophisticated gowns in the process of choosing or discussing the art pieces. It was such an honour to feel part of the fair.

TEFAF was established in 1988 and widely regarded as the world's pre-eminent organization for fine art, antiques, and design. Every year TEFAF runs three Fairs internationally - TEFAF Maastricht with 7000 years of art history; TEFAF New York Spring, focused on modern and contemporary art and design; and TEFAF New York Fall, covering fine and decorative art from antiquity to 1920.

Below are my top picks from the exhibition, TEFAF Maastricht 2018;

Wallace Chan is a Hong Kong-based Asian artisan jeweller who is best talked for his changeable creation and who is loved for his best jewels. He is known for creating intricate designs within carved gemstones. He is often cited as being favoured by jewellery fans because of his unique designs. He sculpts with a delicacy of touch that defies boundaries and uses light as the leitmotif for his colourful, sensual jewels. His creations reflect his Zen philosophy and reveal unique craftsmanship invented by his persistence in innovation. They are feather-like jewels carrying messages of the past to become the heritage of the future.

Wallace Chan Buttefly creation.

Hemmerly is well known for their own style, design and refining craftsmanship in the world of Haute Joaillerie and jewellery design. Founded in 1893, Hemmerle is the fourth generation family run house, and Christian Hemmerle along with his wife Yasmin runs the business. Hemmerle is celebrating its 125th anniversary throughout 2018 and the brand unveiled its Pegasus earrings and 10 bold inspirational one-off pieces at TEFAF, Maastricht.

The house of Reza is dedicated to the creation of extraordinary pieces, with an approach that is artistic, traditional and passionate. The collection is composed of natural, precious gems, widely recognized as being the most beautiful in the world. This year House of Reza introduced its precious one of a kind new pieces at TEFAF, Maastricht.

High Jewellery, Ruban Saphir Necklace and Earrings, Titan Bracelets, Tefaf 2018, Reza.

For more than 30 years Van Gelder Indian Jewellery has been on a quest to collect the most extraordinary quality of traditional jewellery from India. It is the family-run jewellery house that specialised in traditional Indian jewellery. Developing and perfecting this collection, targeted at an international clientele, is a continuous process. The Van Gelder’s aim for perfection can be considered as a true life’s work, something that perfectly fits their business and family culture. The intensive cooperation between mother and her daughters has resulted in a strong foundation of expertise, quality awareness, customer focus and entrepreneurial spirit.

1779. Head Ornament, Jhumar Chabkka. 1910, Gold Ear Ornaments, Toti. Van Gelder.

Jewellery Pursuer

Jewellery Pursuer
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