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Sarah Zhuang Jewellery; a fine jewellery brand that celebrates modern womanhood and their personalit

In 2016, Sarah Zhuang has put her first step towards establishing her own brand Sarah Zhuang Jewellery, a fine jewellery brand that celebrates modern womanhood and their personalities. Sarah’s works have attracted many local celebrities in very short period of time that celebrities like Cecilia Cheung, Pauline Lo and Anina Ho have started wearing her fine jewels. She has also had an icing on the cake when she received design competition awards from Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers Association and Hong Kong Trade Development Council, among others.


WINGS PEARL EARRINGS 18K white gold 14.57g, Diamonds 1.33ct, 7mm Akoya Pearls

An Award-winning jewellery designer and the founder of Sarah Zhuang Jewellery, Sarah Zhuang is based in Hong Kong. She has been in jewellery field for over two decades. Her love for jewellery started in family and she has grown up breathing design and getting inspiration from jewellery craftsmanship and jewels since a young age. She followed her passion for jewellery designing and gained her first jewellery design certificate from Gemmological Institute of America and a professional diploma from Hong Kong Design Institute. She then attended Accademia Riaci, an Art Professional School in Florence to further enrich her skills in jewellery making and design. Since 2013, Sarah has been adding her own sparkle to the business by creating a new generation of contemporary jewellery.

Sarah Zhuang

“In my opinion, jewellery is more than an accessory, it is a form of self-expression”- Sarah Zhuang.

Sarah Zhuang Jewellery speaks for itself and the brand that celebrates modern women and their personalities. Founded by Sarah Zhuang in 2016, Sarah Zhuang Jewellery embodies womanhood as each collection personifies a unique trait of strong, contemporary women.

Today Sarah's brand uses handpicked precious gemstones to tell stories of strength, aspiration and confidence. Sarah’s creations are delicately elegant, youthful and trendy. She is the person to encourage woman to wear jewellery in multiple ways, her versatile collections are designed to empower women to express their unique personalities and to shine in every occasion. Sarah searches to connect with innovation by creating jewellery pieces that are distinctive, outspoken and fun to wear and this has always been her aspiration.

Below are from "Spread your Wings - Ambitious" collection of Sarah Zhuang Jewellery. These pieces are dedicated to a determined, adventurous and independent women. The women who are wise, who are different and do not get limited with the strict rules and a thinker with a vision and strongly pursues her dreams. "Spread your Wings", inspired by angel wings, symbolizes freedom, enlightenment and spirituality.

Multifunctional Fine Jewellery, 18k White Gold with Diamonds

The East meets West Bangle was inspired by the famous landmarks of Hong Kong such as Tsing Ma Bridge, Bank of China Building and Chi Lin Nunnery, that reflects icons of Hong Kong—a city where East meets West. The bangle was found a masterpiece of innovative design and exquisite craftsmanship, displaying intricate details in every angle. East meets West received the merit award at the 17th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

Diamonds and 18k White Gold Bangle

EAST MEETS WEST, 18K white gold 193.05g, Diamonds 22.56ct Bangle

Inspired by the beautiful silhouette of a chandelier, this front-back ear piece is easy to combine with any day or evening outfit. The bottom part can be replaced with other earrings in this collection.


Chandelier Earrings, from Mix & Match Collection, 18K yellow gold 10.33g, Diamonds 1.12ct


Chandelier Earrings, from Mix & Match Collection,

Dancing Buttfly collection from Sarah Zhuang Jewellery dedicated to fun loving women who are very cheerful and energetic and who like to lead with a posetive attitude and enjoys a good laugh. This collection takes inspiration from butterflies dancing in the air like fairies whose graceful movement is whimsical and joyful.


Butterfly Duo Ring, 18K white gold 11.29g, Pink Sapphires 1.43ct, Diamonds 1.75ct

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Sarah Zhuang's Jewellery combines function and aesthetics. She uses colourful gemstones in her jewellery. She is the person that shares her happiness with the rest of women, in her work, we see sapphires and diamonds dancing and telling their stories. The magic happens in Sarah's imagination and the way she delivers it in her jewellery is breathtakingly. She is the person with a big heart and we welcome more surprising innovative and creative jewelleries from her.

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